Friday, January 30, 2009

Mom's One Happy Camper...

Mom’s been on cloud nine since last night…In honor of my 8 month birthday, I thought I'd mark the momentous occasion with a new word and I said ‘Mom’ for the first time when she came to pick me up from school. Ms. Martha heard it and said, ‘That’s right, Heston, that’s Mom! Good boy!’ Boy, was Mom shocked and giddy like a school girl. I got TONS of kisses and praise for that! Who knew? Not sure why I waited to say Mom for so long…she IS, after all, the ‘milk lady’, the one that buys and prepares all of my food, shops for me and gets me cool toys and stuff for my room, bathes me, rocks me, reads to me 5 times a day, plays with me, makes up and sings silly jingles for every activity we do together, takes me cool places, and carried me in her tummy for 9 months! But because Dad is crazy and goofy and is good at playing peek-a-boo with me, he gets the biggest smiles from me and the honor of getting the first name out of me. So, much to Mom’s frustration, I said ‘Dad,’ Did-dee, ‘Did-dee boobie,’ and whatnot before even attempting one variation of ‘Mom.’ Sorry lady…but take comfort in the fact that every time you walk in the room when Dad is holding me, I get fussy, pucker my lips together, and make the ‘Maaoo maaoo’ sound because I want milk…that’s flattering, isn’t it?

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