Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Standing Up and Chewing on Stuff

Now that I am a pro at standing, with a little help from hanging on the furniture of course, I do it every chance I can get. I especially love to grab onto the cording along the edge of my Mom and Dad's new leather couches for balance, which, might I add, is also the perfect height for chewing on! My mouth aligns with the edge of the couch when I stand up and the leather beats all of my other chewy toys for teething! Mom and Dad should have known better than to drop a wad of cash on furniture when you are about to have a toddler on the loose! I plan to leave teeth marks along all of the edges...

The parents finally bought a nice new rug for my benefit (Mom's very excited)...the other one shed like crazy and every time I played or rolled around on it, I got covered in tumbleweeds of wool! (Design tip from Mom: never buy hand tufted wool rugs, unless you LOVE to vacuum!). The new one is much better...it's vintage with a little bit of the 'worn' look going on, so I think the more I spit up on it, the better it will look. AND one of the shades of orange matches my hair! Mom says you should always incorporate colors in your house that you look good in...I always look good in everything, so for me, that doesn't really apply...but good to know, as I'm sure there will be many more photos of me on the rug in pictures to come.

If I didn't say so before, I CLEANED UP at Christmas...I got tons of loot to keep me well dressed, well read, and entertained over the next few months. I'm chewing on my new Yo Gaba Gaba stuffed animal I got for Christmas from Santa and also playing with my learning laptop from Mom in the pictures...she got it so I could be like my Dad and Mom when they are on their laptops, but I've decided I don't want to be a complete computer nerd like both of them. Every time they open it up for me to play with, I shut it. I've got better things to do, people!

Christmas and New Year's albums coming soon!

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