Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mama Goes Out, I Get Sick!

Last night was the first time my Mom went out with friends for a 'night out on the town' in a year...since she was 5 months pregnant with me! Mom picked me up from school, took me home, fed me, and then once Dad tucked me into bed, she stepped out for a little fun while Dad stayed home for a movie night (Mom was going out to celebrate a friends 30th b-day! Shout out to Stephanie!) Around 11:00 p.m., I woke up and started fussing. And guess what...that cold I mentioned yesterday wasn't just a little cold! Dad went into my room to check on me and I had vomited all over my crib sheets and bumper pad! I've never done that before! Then, he took me down stairs, cleaned me up, and I vomited again...all over the both of us. So we both took a bath together (shhhh...I might have peed in the tub a little), and once we were clean, I vomited all over us again. Mom got the SOS call 45 minutes late because she was at a loud piano bar and didn't hear her phone ringing. When she rushed home, Dad was scrambling to find clean crib sheets. Mom took me downstairs and tried to give me pedialyte to rehydrate me, while Dad changed my sheets. I refused to take it, and then I vomited. So she cleaned me up, fed me milk, which I decided I would take, and then I vomited again all over Mom and Dad's bed and her nice outfit. So Mom gave me another bath. So 5 vomits later, 4 outfits later, 2 sets of sheets and mattress pads later, 3 or 4 baths later, and 2 hours later, I finally went to sleep completely pooped. I slept through the night and woke up not my normal spunky self. I took some milk and was able to hold it down, so encouraged , Mom fed me a little rice cereal. I wasn't that into it, so she did force feed. I was pretty pitiful. We went upstairs to 'rock' and then I took a good nap. Because of all of this, we had to cancel plans with the Abbotts, who were coming in town all the way from Auburn to visit us! (Shout out: Jenny is having a baby girl!!! My future girlfriend!)

So this sick thing isn't very fun...and when I wake up and my Mommy is not there, that makes it even worse! So I've decided Mom can't go out anymore. She had her one night of fun and that's all she's going to get...until I'm 18 and I've gone to college...Sorry Mom, you'll just have to deal...

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Addy's Mommy said...

Poor baby! We hope you get to feeling better soon and let your momma have a little girl time again.