Thursday, December 10, 2009

18 Month Checkup

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and it was all great fun and everything until they started prodding and poking and sticking strange apparatuses in my ears, nose, and mouth. What the heck is that about?! I screamed bloody murder and my face turned beet red. Then came the shots...if you thought I was upset before that, you should have seen me then! I even gave Mom the guilt trip and cried out 'Mama!' and buried my head into her shoulder when they gave me the shot. I think I made my point, because Mom was overly apologetic and gave me lots of kisses. Not that I'd want them, because the woman gives way to many kisses to begin with. (When Mom asks me if she can have a kiss these days, I yell, "NOOOOO!!!!"). The good news is, I'm still in the 90% for weight and 90-95th% for height. I'm going to be a beast...and right on track to be a linebacker one day.

The PJ's are MINE!!!

I've come quite attached to my fuzzy fleece animal print pj's lately. When my Mom, Dad, Grammie, or Gram try to take them off to give me a bath or even just to change my diapers, I get really upset, grab onto my pj's for dear life, start the waterworks, and yell, "NO, MINE!" I don't want to take them off...I love them...I love the cute animals on them...and I love how comfortable they are. If you had cool onsie pj's like I have, you'd do the same. Trust me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Choo Choo Poo Poo

So I have this obsession with choo choo's that I may have mentioned before. I can recognize a choo choo from miles away and I get really worked up when I see one and start yelling 'Choo choo' really loud. Well, one of our new routines on Mom's day off from work is to go to lunch at the Summit and then go see the Thomas the Tank Engine toys at the Barnes and Noble kiddie section. Every time...EVERY TIME...I start playing with the trains, I poop. Mom thought it was just a coincidence at first that she always had to take me to the bathroom to change me the first few times it happened. But then it started happening day after day...every time we went and like clockwork. I usually start playing with the trains and within 5 minutes, I've done the deed and stink up the kids play area. Mom thinks I loose control of all bodily functions because I'm so darn excited to play with the choo choo's! At least Mom knows where to take me if I ever have problems doing my buisness!