Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photo Shoot Complete

We had my photo shoot today and it went well, considering the dreary weather and lack of natural light. There was also the 'great calamity' that happened the night before that threatened the feasibility of the photo shoot. The basement renovation for my future playroom took a turn for the worst, when tiles that were not level had to be broken up and the thin set had to be sanded down by Mr. Fix It. On the eve of my photo shoot, sanded thin-set went airborne and coated the entire house with a layer of white dust like it had snowed. It was EVERYWHERE and Mom was FREAKING took her the entire night and the entire morning to clean it up...she had to mop the floor 4 times to get white grime off of a black floor...and she still didn't get it up all the way. Fortunately, it didn't mess up my pictures...

I put 'cute' in full gear and I worked it and I think the pictures will speak for themselves. I'm especially excited to see the Christening bonnet photos... goo-goo-ga-ga ...I epitomized 'baby' in that outfit! I even sucked on my pointer finger a few times for the ultimate effect...I thought I'd change things up a bit, since thumb sucking is so overdone. After a hard days work of looking precious, I was pooped!

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