Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bad Boy!

This morning, Mom took the time to make scrambled eggs for me...something I normally LOVE. Those squishy yellow blobs of egg are tasty! This particular morning, however, they just didn't appeal to me, so I decided I wouldn't eat them and I'd throw them on the floor. Mom didn't like this, so she said, 'Heston, No. Bad Boy!' Then I said, 'Ba Boy' right back! Mom had to leave the room so she wouldn't laugh in front of me to encourage my behavior!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strange Food

I had my first corn dog today at the zoo...Well, I didn't really eat it because it was weird. Mom, I don't know what you were thinking...meat on a stick? For real?! Consequently, that happens to be my Dad's nick-name from my Uncle Brent...

Playing in the Water

Mom posted one of these videos of me at the zoo today on facebook already, but couldn't resist posting another...I really enjoyed the water!!! And as you can tell, I wasn't going to let those big kids ruin my fun!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Intimidator

My parents took me to Barnes and Noble the other day and they had a kid section that had a toy train set with tracks and ramps and all kinds of cool loopty-dos. I really enjoyed playing with it until, that is, I had to share the toys. Another little boy came up and started taking my trains! Then he said 'my toys' and went to the other side of the train set to play with them alone. I followed him around the table and he was a little older than me and I admit I was kind of intrigued by the idea of playing with a big kid. But the kid wanted nothing to do with me. I didn't like that! So...I started grunting every time I got near him and I tried to take the toys back...I sounded really tough and I think he was intimidated!

Friday, August 21, 2009


When I like a particular food, I have a clear way of showing it! By saying 'Mmmmmmmm' after eating something I really like! Mom gives me potatoes and chicken chunks and peas and carrots and I say 'Mmmmmmm' and cram them all into my mouth as fast as I can...sometimes I even make myself gag! Mom, of course, thinks it is so cute and gets a kick out of it! (But not when I gag, that is.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Joke

We went out to dinner at Davenport's Pizza with friends tonight and I got to have my first taste of pizza. I wasn't too sure about it...the sauce was a little funky, but I nibbled it in between mouthfuls of crackers, pretzel sticks and anything else I could steal from the 3 other babies at the table. I was my usual wild self and one of my parents friend's kept commenting on how much of a handful I must be (you think?). Then she said something Mom thought was VERY funny...she wanted to know if we had to pay babysitters double for me, since I'm twice the work of a normal baby! Mom thought that was pretty clever...yeah, very funny, people. Very funny.

Taking Out My Frustration

I've been getting a little irritated at my Mom lately and I've definitely let my behavior show it...I've been throwing mega blocks at her, grabbing and twisting her skin (I won't say where), and then of course there is the old reliable...making my body go limp and Mom has to scrape me up off the floor while I resist in every way imaginable...I'm really good at that one!

Despite the stinker attitude I've exhibited from time to time, I've been a great eater so that makes my Mom happy because every meal is usually so much effort and she's always exhausted afterwards. She's always trying to get me to eat a variety of stuff...I just like cheese and fruit, lady. Cheese and fruit. Let's keep it simple. (Or anything with cheese in it, such as quesadillas or grilled cheese...or butter, I like that stuff too.) And so I've become a little picky. But my Mom made me this great stew with chunks of chicken and lentils in it and even though I'm a consistency guy and don't care for chunky stringy meat, this was pretty good. So I went to town and ate every bit of it. Mom was happy! Well, if she cooked for me a little more often...good tasting stuff, that is...then maybe I wouldn't be so picky!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is me eating corn on the cob for the first time this past weekend while I was at the Ranch! Yum...

Got a new word I've started using today...No! Mom picked me up from a half day at school (so she could study...thanks Chesney!) and as she was putting me in my car seat to head home, I said, "" three times in a row. I picked it up from one of my classmates (Mom thinks) and I really like it A LOT. So when Mom tried to put me down for a nap this afternoon, Mom could hear me shouting it out loud from my crib while she was downstairs..."No!...No!...No!" over and over. What can I say, it gets my point across! I think this word will be a keeper...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flashback Moment

Remember when I use to sleep a lot, was relatively easy to please (sort of), and was this tiny? Mommy was looking through old pictures and kept 'awwwwing' at how cute I was (and still is, of course). She didn't realize that it was possible for my baby cheeks to be any bigger than they are now...but after going through archived photos, it proves they definitely were! (Can't really tell in this picture...)

Look What I Can Do!

My new trick! Can you do this? Probably not, because it takes much skill, balance, and coordination...three traits I just so happen to have. I'm very proud of myself when I do this!

Home with Mommy

Mom and I always have a great time on her days off from work! We're headed out to do something fun...not sure what, because we like to wing it and be spontaneous! (But you can be sure part of it will involve a quick trip to Starbucks for Mom!) We just wish it wasn't so darn hot out, so we could go to the botanical gardens or the zoo, but it's miserable out there this week...

Here's me eating my yummy lunch of turkey bites, fresh fruit, bread and butter, and peas! Quite an odd assortment of food, but I sure enjoyed it, as you can see in the photo. In case you're wondering why I'm all shiny, it's because I succeeded in smearing butter all over myself like a greased piglet!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Giving Kisses

Working out my biceps for the ladies...(I love these weights and go straight to them every time we go to visit my great grandmother! Chip off the old block...)

While I was in NYC, my mom made it a point to teach me something kisses! I immediately picked up on it and started making smacking noises to random people passing by. But I didn't totally get how to give a proper smack on the lips to my parents at first, because I'd bend my head forward with my mouth wide open and would give them a big slobbery kiss! I still do it occasionally...and I've even tried sticking my finger in my mouth, pulling it back out all slobbery and putting it on (or in!) my Mom's mouth when she's not expecting it. Dad laughs hysterically when I try to do that, but for some reason, Mom's not quite as enthusiastic about it. But the regular peck on the lips is a big hit with her because she thinks it's sooooo sweet!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dancing Feet

I've been known to bop and sway to music in the past, but I've officially started lifting up my feet and stomping around to music! I've got total rhythm and Mom and Dad really get a kick out of it. I've also been caught wiggling to the music on the changing table too...I bop back and forth while my hiney is being wiped and my diaper is replaced! They also seem to think this is funny...I'm not going to let something little like a dirty diaper get in the way of my dancing!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sleeping Late!

Mom likes my new trend the past week and a half...I've been sleeping in until 8:30 about 4 or 5 times (Mom and Dad have had to wake me up for school on mornings they both have to work!) and Mom thinks that it might stick! Then, I'm ready to nap by 10:00 or 10:30 a.m., so not only does she get to sleep in late on her days off, she also gets morning 'quiet time' shortly after, which she seems to be very enthusiastic about. Don't get use to it, Mom...I like to keep things unpredictable!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First Weekend Away

Mom's big 30th birthday was this past weekend and so both of my grandmothers babysat me while my Mom and Dad went to the beach to hang out and celebrate with my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Todd, Uncle Chris, and my Aunt Alison for the weekend. I had tons of fun, was spoiled non-stop, and I think I wore both sets of grandmothers out! This was my first weekend away from my mommy and when I finally saw my parents once they returned on Sunday evening, I gave them a little bit of an attitude for about an hour, just to show them how much I didn't appreciate them leaving me behind (even though I didn't really miss them...I had a blast getting spoiled by Gram and Grammie!) I thought I'd make them feel kind of bad, just because...

(So after Mom had me non-stop in NYC and loved every minute of it, she had to go an entire weekend without me...she thought about me constantly while she was gone and still hasn't stopped attacking me with kisses since she got back...sheesh...). Get a hold of yourself, lady...

My New York Trip

Well, I've neglected my blog long enough...Mom's discovered this little thing called facebook and it has taken over her life (she's totally addicted!) But enough is enough...this blog is all about ME, and it's time to give a few updates from the past few weeks.

I went to New York City for my Dad's cousin's wedding, and boy was it ever fun. I got to take my second plane ride and I'm only 14 months old...I'm aiming to be a jet-setter like P-Diddy! The flight was a little rough for my parents because once we got to Atlanta, we found out our flight was canceled and we got booked on a later one. Fortunately, my cousin Adelyn and her family, as well as my Uncle Brent were on the same flight, so it made the waiting time at the airport a little more fun. Adelyn and I had a great time clowning around and I really enjoyed playing with her toys and reading her books at the airport...even if they were pink and princessy and had girly things in the books.

Once we were in NYC, we had a day and a half of wedding activities...Mom was busy going to the bachelorette party (Hunk-a-mania...ha!) and the bridesmaid luncheon, so I got to hang with the boys at the hotel some, which was fun. Then there was an elaborate rehearsal dinner at Duane's Park, where a Thomas-the-Tank-Engine toy, books, and a British teddy bear were waiting for me, compliments of Susan, the Groom's mom...I ate and played for most of the rehearsal dinner with those toys and was so pooped by the end of it, I crashed on mom's shoulder. That NEVER happens and mom was relieved to have a cranky baby off her hands. But speaking of poop, I managed to get poop on Mom's white linen jacket while she was trying to change my diaper in the smallest bathroom in the world. Let me paint the picture: Dad's holding me upright while mom's trying to unbutton my fancy little outfit with a hundred different buttons. Then she shimmies the outfit off and pulls off my diaper while I'm still hanging by my armpits. Surprise, there is poop in there! So poop falls off and part of it hits Mom's jacket. Mom's screaming, Dad's laughing, and my behind is covered in poop and I'm wiggling around. Mom wipes me off as best she could and attempts to put a diaper on me while I'm vertical. Then Dad takes me upstairs back to the rehearsal dinner and Mom tries to find ways to make the poop on her jacket disappear. Fun times, fun times...

The following day was the wedding, which was on an amazing rooftop terrace overlooking the Empire State Building. I was allowed to attend...mistake number one people! I looked at it as my opportunity to have an audience! I started babbling and making funny noises during the ceremony and Mom had to whisk me off to keep me from ruining it...she had to peer through windows to view bits and pieces of the ceremony, but she got to see them kiss as they were declared man and wife, so that made her happy. After that, the reception took place the floor below (while the rooftop remained open for guests to enjoy the rest of the night). For dinner, I ate tasty BBQ from Blue Smoke that was so good, it challenged any Southern BBQ! Then Mom and I danced on the dance floor with Adelyn and her mommy Megan and I really enjoyed that. Mom and I can really cut a rug! (Dad, of course, was MIA from the dance floor and did not dance with Mom or me...sigh).

After the wedding was over, family eventually left town and Mom, Dad, and I moved hotels and we stayed in Soho. We spent several days site-seeing as much as we could. We took horse carriage rides in Central Park, went to see the Statue of Liberty, went to Times Square and visited the 3 story Toys R Us, went to see the High Line in the Meat Packing district with Mom's cousin, Karen, and basically tried to hit as many places as I would allow us to. My nap schedule and my crankiness dictated the trip, but all in all, I was a VERY well behaved baby. Something about taking the exciting subway, strolling around in my umbrella stroller where I could easily look out at everything, having tons of things to look at, and endless amounts of people to 'talk' to made it very entertaining for me and I didn't complain much. I was a trooper. In fact, Mom thought my personality really came out on this trip. I was saying 'Boo!' and laughing to random people at ALL TIMES, smiled at everyone that would look at me and give me attention, and was not shy one bit. I always managed to get everyone around us on the subway to look at me and laugh, do peek-a-boo, and 'Ooo' and 'Awww.' Mom was amazed at how much attention I managed to attract...she thinks the bright orange hair and my big smile have something to do with it...and the fact that I'm so darn cute too, of course.

Mom says she was spoiled having me with her every day (morning, noon, and night...I woke up 4 times a night because I was sharing a room with my parents) and once we got back, it was a shock to the system that she had to go back to work and couldn't spend every minute with makes her sad! :( She doesn't know what to do to remedy the situation, but all she knows is that she loved being with me at all times...and I, of course, loved her undivided attention!