Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sick Baby

Much to my horror, I woke up from my morning nap and found myself lying in a puddle of baby vommit! YUK!!! I NEVER throw up...I've only done it once (see posts at around 6 months)...and I did not like that I had been rolling around in it in my sleep. Immediately, I started calling 'Mama! Mama! MAMA!'...Dad came up to get me and found the nasty little surprise. When I say I was covered in it, I mean COVERED head to toe. I had to be bathed and mom stripped my bed sheets. What a mess! I've been pretty pathetic today, lying on the floor while watching cartoons, letting my Mom and Dad hold me a lot, and taking long naps. Mom doesn't like me sick, but she certainly takes advantage of the cuddle time since I'm usually a ball of energy and typically resists her overzealous hugs and kisses. Enjoy it while you can, woman...but don't get use to it!
I'm hoping I'll feel better for Easter tomorrow, since I love hunting for eggs. I got to dye eggs and do an egg hunt at school this week and it was so much fun! I've been talking about the 'eggies' for days now...can't wait to see what the bunny man brings me tomorrow!

Few sentence updates:
"Go home mommy, play toys. Play animals."
"Don't kick Mommy" (repeating something she always tells me!)
"I color on wall" (Pointing to the crayon art on the changing table wall)
"Hold hands, Mommy"
"No mommy, bad boy" (I call her a boy!)

One thing Mom thinks is funny is that I associate her with food, since she's the one that feeds me and makes me yummy stuff to eat. When she picks me up from school lately, the first word I yell out of my mouth is "milk!" or "apple juice!" Or I'll start making dinner orders, such as "Cheese and apples, Mommy." What can I say, I like food and I know she will provide!