Monday, January 19, 2009

Heston's Doing Better, Me, Not so Much!

Thanks everyone for the kind words! Heston is doing much better...the swelling went down last night and this morning it was just a little pink in areas. Tom took him to the doctor for piece of mind, and the doctor said he had a stomach virus and thinks the swelling was due to a reaction to Motrin, not pedialyte . So he's on the mend, but still not his normal smiley self, poor thing. I'm hoping after a good night's sleep tonight, he will be back to normal.

Tom has had to take care of Heston all day today, bless him! I woke up in the middle of the night and was ill all night, like Heston was on Friday night...I now know the misery he has been in! Take your vitamin C and wash your hands regularly...this virus has apparently been going around and you don't want to get stuck with it!


Lori said...

Oh no! I hope Tom doesn't get it so he can continue to take care of both of you. That's how it usually works though... It goes around the whole house :(. Glad Heston is better though!

Alison said...

Oh no! Poor mommy! Hope it passes quickly and you feel better soon. It is going around here too, the bride from the wedding this past weekend had it ON HER WEDDING DAY! Poor thing couldn't keep anything down till about 2 hours before she walked down the aisle!

Glad Heston is feeling better and hope you'll bounce back quickly as well.