Thursday, January 8, 2009

Impressive Me

I went to 'school' today for the first time in two weeks...I hadn't seen Ms. Ruthia or any of my girlfriends in quite a while and was especially eager to show off my new mad skills! Dad told Ms. Ruthia that she would be very impressed with my many developments I made over the holidays...she said she was thinking, 'yeah sure, as if I've never heard that before!' But she really was and I heard her going on and on when Mom came in to get me today! She was amazed at how quickly I learned to sit, crawl, and stand...all since the Christmas party! She told my mom that most beginner crawlers stay in one area, but not me... I was all over the place and I even went over to the nap time area and was 'talking' to one of my buddies while he was hanging out in his crib. 'Look at me, I'm out here...look at you, you're stuck in that thing!' Ha ha ha...

Despite all of the rapid physical development I've made (Can you say future NFL draft?!), still no first words to speak of (no pun intended). My girlfriend Blakely has already said 'Da da' and she's two months younger than me! I've continued to just make babbles and squeals and my dinosaur noises (loud screeching and grating noises). My Papa on my Dad's side says I sound like a Velociraptor and my Gram on my Mom's side says I sound like a pterodactyl...I guess that trip to see the dinosaur exhibit at the McWayne Center with my Grammie had a bigger impact on me than everyone thought! After school today, I've been babbling a lot and forming sounds that could potentially be words, so Mom and Dad eagerly await the first word to get here!

Another new thing that my Mom started doing with me is giving me Cheerios as a snack. Since I have 7 teeth, she figured I could handle it, and boy can I! I'm still trying to get the hand control thing down so I can pick them up with my thumb and pointer finger...I've been trying to shove my whole fist full of cheerios into my mouth instead of one at a time, but I'll figure it out soon enough. It keeps me occupied for a long time as I play and munch on the Cheerios. Mom was desperate for me to keep busy in one place yesterday after a loooong day without help when Dad was out of town. After I had been screaming and fussing for almost an hour, she put me into my high chair and I went to TOWN on the Cheerios...which kept me entertained for at least 45 minutes in silence...except for the munching, that is. Well played, Mom... well played. Mom also tried this little trick with peas on my plate and although I was intrigued, it wasn't as much of a success as the crunchy Cheerios. I like the feel of crushing the little things between my gnashing teeth (like a dinosaur!). So I got more Cheerios tonight when Mom and Dad went to dinner with my 'Aunt' Jenny (Who has a pea in the pod and my future playmate!). This was the first peaceful dinner out at a restaurant, with me in attendance, that they've had since I was born! They looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as I was with my new snacky snack.

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