Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Few New Sentences

In addition to the small sentences that I mentioned yesterday, here are a few more of my favorites I like to repeat (over and over!)

"No, my __ (insert word here)"
"Do it by self"
"I did it!"
"I got it!"
"Take this home" (when I want a toy at the store)
"Here Mama/Dadda, hold hands"
"No Anky/Beya (Bianca/Bella), bad dogs!"
"My turn"
"Where are you Mama/Dadda?"
"I walk by self"
"more juice/milk/snack"
"Daddy/Mommy, this way!"
"Hi Daddy/Mommy, How are you?" Them: I'm fine, Heston and you? Me: I'm fine"
"Hold You" (when I want to be picked up and held)

When I think of more, I will update, because boy are there a bunch!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking Free of the Crib!

Long time since my last post but what can I say, I got things to do and people to impress, so that leaves me with little time for bragging about my impressive list of accomplishments. Never the less, here are a few as of late:

Broke free of the crib today...Literally! I broke a piece of it off! Mom heard a loud bang, shortly followed by a thud, which she mistook for my normal tossing of objects out of my crib. This time, it was furniture breaking off and falling to the floor and me jumping out of the crib. Then I proceeded to bang on the door, yelling 'Mama! Mama! Mama!' over and over. It must have worked because she quickly responded. Mom didn't look happy.

My speech has dramatically advanced the past few months. I can form short sentences, like, "Where is Daddy", "I love you, Mama/Dadda," "No, my toys!" "No mama, stop it!" (That's my personal favorite), "Doggie eat Poo Poo...Yuck!" and so on. My association with objects, pictures, and people from past experiences are amazing too. I'll see a picture of a hippopotamus and will remember that I saw one at the zoo a few weeks back. I don't forget ANYTHING! Like when the doggie ate my poopy diaper! I never fail to mention that when I get the chance. Mom just hopes I don't talk about it at school.

Mom is constantly getting praise from strangers about my advanced speech for my age (yes, we know I'm a baby genius) and as usual, I get stopped by random people because of my shinning bright orange hair and big blue eyes. My teachers even told my mom that all the teachers at my school love me and actually come by the room to see 'their little Heston'. Good looks AND intelligence, not something that everyone can brag about.

I'm also proud to announce that I'm wearing DOWN my parents with rotten behavior and have officially entered the terrible twos before I even turn 2. Unfortunately, they've started implementing time-outs, which I'm not too fond of. They tell me to sit still and stay in my time out and boy do they get mad when I deliberately wiggle around doing the exact opposite of what they say with a smirk on my face. You two are not the boss of me!

So many big developments lately and haven't been udating this blog frequently enough to 'record them'. Mom and I will do a much better job in the future...