Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Note From Mom...

Heston continued to get sick off and on today and continued to have a fever...he didn't throw up that much, which was a relief, but also didn't have much of an appetite, so we kept him on fluids for most of the day. Around 3:30, Tom noticed the skin around Heston's ears turning bright red...I assumed it was because he was sleeping on them or had scratched them, but gradually over the course of 2 hours, the redness spread to the area around his eyes and nose, and eventually started to swell... 'swell' is a strong word...maybe getting really 'puffy' describes it better. Anyway, he looked like he was wearing a mask and didn't look much like himself! A little scary! Tom and I have been on the phone back and forth with the emergency medical staff at our clinic, and we were told to monitor his face throughout the night. The nurse originally wrote it off as a minor reaction to medication, but later called us back after speaking with the doctor and said that if it continues to get worse, to take him into Children's Hospital...REALLY SCARY!

For about another hour and a half, we kept a close eye on him and the swelling didn't seem to be getting any worse, so we finally managed to put him down to sleep. The doctors think the swelling could be caused from a few things: hives caused from the virus, a mild allergic reaction to infant Motrin (which he just got the approval for from his doctor a few days back), and potentially an allergic reaction to Pedialyte (maybe the dye?)...the Doctor already said at his last appointment that he appears to have sensitive skin based on a small rash that he has on his chest from drool... and because he's a redhead, his skin may be more sensitive than typical babies. Well, now we know he could have allergies and even a sensitive system and the smallest things could make him ill. I was told I could give him Baby Benadryl for the swelling, but I prefer to not keep pumping him with all of this stuff and not know if it too will cause a negative reaction! Whatever the cause, it's been a worrisome experience and I will have a hard time sleeping tonight, knowing I need to check on him to make sure his face (and mouth, tongue, etc.) hasn't continued to swell. It may seem minor to everyone else, but when it's happening to your precious little bundle, it can be freaky! Please keep Heston in your prayers for a speedy recovery! Thanks!


Lori said...

That is so scary, Rebecca. I know Kate got the hives from a virus last Summer (

I pray he's feeling better soon. We gave her a bath in Aveeno Oatmeal bath and it helped more than the benadryl, in my opinion, and it's natural on topical, so no more drugs.

Hope you get some rest soon too. It's just as hard on the parents as it is poor little Heston!

Chad Moore said...

Poor little guy! And poor mom & dad too :( Hope last night was better and that he's back to normal this week sometime!

Lisa said...

Poor Heston! Your Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd are thinking about you and are praying that you get better soon! I know that being sick in not fun! We hope you will be back to your normal, happy, smiley self very soon.

We love you!