Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Photo Shoot

Weather permitting, I have a photo shoot tomorrow that my Aunt Alison and Uncle Chris set up for me and my parents as a baby gift. I plan to work the camera! My mom bought me some pretty smooth clothes at a few baby boutiques in town and I'll be better dressed than Mom and Dad combined! Dad was apologizing to me earlier for the outfits that I'll have to wear because he thinks they are too cutsie, but I'm totally cool with it. Throw on that crisp white christening outfit with a bonnet, dress me up to the hilt in a charcoal velvet jumper and white collar with knee high socks and lace up booties. I'm going to OWN cute tomorrow, so that I can be a complete baby supa-star. Maybe Mom will even submit the photos to Alabama Baby magazine or something...maybe I should aim high and go for Cutest Babies of 2009 list in people magazine? When you're born with a gift, you gotta utilize! The red hair gives me an edge to set me apart from the baby masses...just wait... out Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Kingston Rossdale...You think you dress pretty well, Suri Cruise? You haven't seen cute yet...

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