Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day Two: Rough Night and Still Sick

I had a rough day yesterday and last night. Mom and Dad had to hold me ALL day long to comfort me...I was pretty pitiful. I couldn't keep anything down and eventually Mom called my pediatrician's emergency medical number with questions and concerns after it had been almost 24 hours. I was doing better about drinking my Pedialyte throughout the day yesterday, so I was hydrated, but my fever never went down and Mom was worried about the fact that I hadn't been able to keep any food down since that morning. So the doc gave a few pointers and Mom gave them a try. Mom made me a cocktail of one part Pedialyte, one part milk, chilled. Shaken, not stirred, please. Boy, can she can fix a mean mixed drink! It wasn't as heavy as milk sitting in my stomach, so I guzzled it down and Mom noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy level. That was quite tasty...can I have some more?

I still woke up every two hours last night and refused to fall asleep every time. Mom had to rock me until I had drifted off...but once she started putting me in my crib, I would wake up and get really upset! Four rocks and unsuccessful attempts later, Mom had to call in Dad to do the second shift. Mom, Dad, and I are all zombies this morning, but I'm doing a little better and I don't have a fever right now...but still require rocking to sleep at the moment...

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Lori said...

Poor Heston! I'm so sorry he's sick. That is the worst. I hope he feels better soon and you guys get some rest tonight!