Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I'm a monkey and I'm going CRAZY!!!

This was my first Halloween and it was awesome! I went to two at the children's development center with my mom and all of my baby friends and a block party in our neighborhood two houses down with my Mom and Dad...It was fun, but I was a little worn-out at the block party after a long day, so we only stayed a little bit. We also had to get back to the house to get ready for the trick-or-treaters. I didn't get to go trick-or-treating this year because I can't eat candy because I only have two teeth... maybe next year when I'm eating whole foods. If I'm anything like my Mommy and Daddy, I will have a sweet tooth BIG TIME, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

Unfortunately, I didn't stay up to greet the kids that came to the door...I was too sleepy, so mom fed me, bathed me, I peed on her when she was bathing me, and then I went to sleep...Overall, it was a good day.

Next year for Halloween, Mom said she wants to dress me as Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, since I have red hair just like he does! Cool!

Monkey Business on Halloween

I was pretty sleepy at the neighborhood block party...
as you can see, very few smiles!

Here I am in both of my costumes...a monkey and a pumpkin!
I decided to wear the monkey to the block party because
I looked so darn cute in it...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smack Yo' Mama

Last night, my mom was really tired because she had the entire night shift, so she could let Dad rest…Daddy was sick in a bad way (He spit-up more than I did!) After waking up multiple times before 1:00, she fed me and then laid me down next to her and fell asleep for a few minutes. I smacked her in the face a few times to wake her up and it worked! When she opened her eyes, I gave her a BIG toothy smile…I was ready to play! Unfortunately, she decided it was time to take me back to my crib. Since I was pretty tired myself, I curled up into my little ball with my arms and legs tucked underneath me with my bum sticking up (I like to sleep that way now) and went to bed. I let mom sleep for a few more hours, but she was a zombie in the morning! I decided to be easy on her this morning, since she seemed to have a rough night, and I didn’t pee on her when she changed my diaper…I’ll hold off until she picks me up from school later today…

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Model Shots

If mom takes one more photo, I'm going to freak out!
(She thought I looked so stylish in my new she took TONS of pictures).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Laid back Tuesdays

Check out my new threads...don't I look like a cool snowboarder, dude? My Gaga made me this hat and I got a lot of comments from the ladies today, when I went shopping with my mom. Everyone thinks I'm so cute, and who could blame them, right? I was flirting with one lady, flashing my two pearly whites and smiling, while my mom was buying me some winter clothes, and the lady kept going on and on about me. She asked my mom if I was about 8 or 9 months old. Uh...try again, lady. I'm 5 months old! (Their jaws always drop when my mom tells them my real age). That's the 2nd lady this week that thought I was 3-4 months older than I am...They are obviously impressed with my two new teeth, my intellect, and my build. And every place my mom stopped today, everyone said I look like such a happy baby...Life's good, what can I say? I get milk on command, take 2-3 naps a day, get to poop in my pants and mom takes care of's not bad being a baby!

Monday's with Grammie

This Monday was especially fun...I got to see Dinosaurs and the aquarium at the McWayne Center with Grammie! It was so cool and very educational...I've never seen dinosaur bones before, and boy were they big! I even wore my new dinosaur jumpsuit that my Mom bought for me and I'm wearing it in the pictures...Dad thought she spent too much on it, but Mom says every little boy needs a cool dinosaur jumpsuit!

So Grammie watches me every Monday when mommy goes to work. We have so much fun...we go shopping at the mall and meet up with my great Grandparents, Gaga and Papa, for lunch. Sometimes my Uncle Brent or my Papa will come along too! I have so much fun that it wears me out and I fall asleep in my stroller every time. Grammie loves it because the mall keeps me entertained...I get bored easily and when I do, it's trouble!

Little Ranch Hand

Feeding the Horses...and myself...I may not be eating
whole foods, but I'll sure try!

Sunday at the Ranch!

If you think I'm giving my carrot to the horses, think's mine!

I got to visit my Nana and Grandpa, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd, and all the cats, dogs, and horses at the Ranch this was fun! It was my first time to see a horse and it was very interesting... and I was impressed...those horses are smellier than my poopy diapers! While we were petting the horses, one of the crazy greyhounds snuck under the fence and was hanging out in the horse pens...I guess she thinks she's one of them because she has long twiggy legs like a horse and can run fast. But my Mom and Dad were freaking out and the doggy got in trouble...those greyhounds really know how to push their buttons! It was pretty exciting to watch...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mommy's Little Fireball...

I can fly!...Now all I need is a cape...and some muscles like my daddy...and I'll be Super Baby!

I have a few new things I started doing the past couple of days. First, I love to roll up into a ball (Mom calls it a fireball!)…I scrunch my legs and arms up under me when my mom lays me down on my tummy. It makes it difficult for my mom to tuck me into bed, which is exactly why I do it! It has been chilly lately and she wants to keep me warm, so she puts a thick baby quilt on me and tucks the sides of the quilt into the edges of the bed. I know what she’s trying to do…get me tightly tucked into bed so I can’t move around as much (or do the baby burrito like I do with my light-weight blanket)! But I know exactly how to avoid that…I curl up into my ball, mom tucks the covers in, and when she leaves, I flatten out and then the covers are loose! Voila! I am then free to wiggle around the crib! Ha ha!

As I’ve said before, I’m always very upset when it’s nap time and I have a new way to show my displeasure with my Mom when she puts me to bed…I kick my legs against the side of the crib and it makes a loud banging noise! It’s crazy… It even vibrates through the floor, so when my Mom and Dad are trying to sleep in their room downstairs at night, I wake them up! It’s great…except that I’ve gotten my ‘marshmallow’ leg caught between the rungs a few times and then I really start wailing…I don’t like that one bit! I also roll to the edges of the crib and get my arm stuck occasionally, which doesn’t feel too great, but the up-side to all of this is that my mom can’t let me ‘cry it out’ anymore! She always has to check on me when I’m crying to make sure I’m not stuck. My wail is generally a few octaves higher when that happens, but she has to check on me just in case. It’s cool... and she tries to sneak in so I don’t notice her, but I can hear her coming up the stairs and I always do. When I see her, I either start crying louder or I smile and laugh…it depends on how worked up I am. And because I’ve also resumed waking up several times a night, Mom and Dad have no choice but to come get me, or I’ll be stuck all night. Mom keeps mumbling that the bumpers need to be added back (ribbons are being added so they can be secured tightly to the crib rungs). I’m sure I’ll find a way around those too. Oh…and my Mom put this sheer gauzy fabric draped over my crib for an ‘exotic’ effect for my travel-themed nursery. I mean, the temptation is just too great, Mom…seriously…what were you thinking? She’s had to pull it away from the edges of the crib last night to prevent me from tearing it down.

Despite all my recent activities, tantrums, and my resistance to naps, Mom is still calling me ‘Sweet Cheeks.’ I guess I’m still her sweet little munchkin. I am adorable, and every time we go out shopping together, everyone comments on how well behaved and ‘smiley’ I am. I do love to smile, as you see in my many photos...but well behaved...only when I choose to be!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Wild Weekend Pictures

Sunday Fun Time

Mom, Dad, and I went to meet up with my Grammie, Papa, and Uncle Brent (who is a redhead just like me!) at the Tavern for lunch today...I squealed a lot so everyone sitting next to our table would notice me! Mission accomplished, I think! I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon at my grandparents house and had a wonderful time. Grammie spoils me and always has cool new toys for me to play with...

As you can see in this picture, I'm bundled up in my winter snow bunny's starting to get really chilly and mom made sure I was bundled up so I could stay warm. This is my first Fall and I love the's a nice change from the hot and humid Southern summers. My Mommy and Daddy have taken me on several stroller rides, now that it's comfortable enough outside to take leisure walks and I'm finally getting better about riding in a stroller. I use to scream my head off every time my mom took me on a walk and she ended up holding me while pushing the stroller at the same time to keep me content. I love to be held and I have her trained well! But now that I'm big enough to sit facing outward, I enjoy looking at all the interesting things around me outside, so I'm not being as difficult for her, which is very nice of me...

My Wild Saturday Night

Squeal!!! Rambunctious redhead on the loose!

I had a great night last night...I got to go hang out with my Nana, while Mom and Dad had another date night...they seem to be doing that a lot lately! But that's okay, because I always have fun at Nana's. I even got to stay up late past my bedtime! My auntie Lisa came over after a while and she's fun...although she likes to squeeze my chubby cheeks for some reason...I'm not sure what I think about that! But as you can see in this picture, we're having a great time!

Saturday afternoon, my mom put me down for a nap...I wasn't too crazy about the idea, so I cried and cried. Mom came up to check on me when I wouldn't calm down (sucker!) and right when she walked in the room, I scrunched up my legs underneath me when I was lying on my tummy and launched myself up and over onto my back! I could tell I shocked my mom, by the look on her face. I can finally flip myself over from front to back...Impressive, right? So once I figured out how to do that, I've been rolling from one side of the crib to the other. It's cool! The only problem is that I get wrapped up in my blankee like a burrito! Mom calls it a 'baby burrito,' which is also what she calls me after I take a bath and she wraps me up in my white baby towel.

Mom thinks I should be crawling soon because of how well I can tuck my legs up underneath me and push off when I roll over. Forget that! I'm going to bypass crawling and go straight to walking. Have you seen my sturdy legs? They're pretty stout and everyone always comments on them...even strangers! The other week, when I went to the art festival and my mom was putting sunscreen on my legs, Nana said it was like "greasing a marshmallow!" Easy lady...I'm just big boned...

I'll post more pictures from this weekend when I get a chance...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rolling, Reaching, and Recognizing!

Ms. Ruthia, my caretaker at the children’s development center (CDC), is very impressed with my development lately. She told my mommy that I can roll over onto my tummy at lightning speed… and that it seems to have happened overnight! Please, that's old news, lady...I've been doing it for days! Mom and Dad think that all the personal time in my crib this past week is paying off because I’m forced to spend time on my own to discover my own abilities! Mom thinks my rice cereal and juice that I started eating two weeks ago are also contributing to my energy. I love my cereal…Mom and Dad can’t shovel it in fast enough…but I’m not ready to give up my milk just yet.

I’m also doing fantastic with my hand-and-eye coordination. I’ve been able to grip things with my hands for over a month now, but I’ve just recently started entertaining myself and playing with toys for extended periods of time and I love to hold my own toys to chew on. Mom’s hair and necklaces are also fun to tug on! I even grabbed one of the greyhound's ears yesterday (YES! Success!)...she squealed and ran off, and this is the calm & quiet one...I didn't know she made noises like the crazy one!

I definitely recognize my mommy and daddy’s voices and faces now. When Dad came to pick me up yesterday at the CDC, I was busy playing in the jumperoo just like the one I have at home. Dad reached down and touched my hand and I grabbed onto his finger and wouldn’t let go, but didn’t look up to see who was there. Then Dad called my name and I looked up surprised and gave him a big grin! It's the funny guy! I did the same for my mom when she came by during her lunch break today for a visit. Then one baby crawled up to my mom and wanted to be held, but I told that baby to, “Back off squirt…That's my mommy!”

I'm looking forward to a leisure weekend of biting, napping, eating and playing (and pooping). I hope everyone gets to do the same!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I did it!

Last night, I slept through the night!...Mom and Dad were very excited about this! (I've only done this once before, and that was when I got my four month shots and wasn't feeling well, so that doesn't count according to Mom). I woke up once or twice but didn't cry...I just wiggled around for a while and then went back to sleep. At 5:00, I woke up, got some milk and then went back to sleep again until 7:00. I feel well rested and so do my parents, apparently...They were pretty chipper this morning! Mom has been reading some 'how to' baby book and has been congratulating herself for getting me on a schedule. I deserve a little credit too, milk lady!

When Mom came in to get me out of my crib this morning, I was a little excited and couldn't control myself...right when she opened my diaper to change me, I peed! Ha ha...I peed all over her and myself...we both had to take a bath. Mom was a little groggy at first, but she woke up quickly when that happened! I do that often and always get funny reactions (Mom screams, Dad jumps, etc.), so I try to keep that a morning ritual...My next goal is to get Mom or Dad when they're dressed and ready for work. That would be entertaining!

So, I love to bite things lately...stuffed animals, blankets, plastic toys, my parents hands, etc. (I'm eyeing the greyhounds next...they might be fun to chew on...every time I reach for them, they run off, so I need to time it better). Last week, two of my bottom teeth started to come in and I'm chewing on everything and drooling a lot. My Dad teethed early too when he was a baby, so I'm a chip off the old block! It's pretty impressive to get teeth at 4 months, when most get theirs at 6 months. I'm hoping I'll grow a nice 'stache' early too...all the other baby boys would be jealous...

Well, it's nap time...Bye for now!

Rainforest Jumperoo!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Fun Pictures

How you do'in?

Can I go swimming in there, Dad?

This guy cracks me up!

Weekend Fun

Whose that handsome fella?

This weekend was pretty fun! I took a couple of naps, went shopping with my mom at Baby's R Us while Dad watched football (A typical weekend!), and best of all, I got to see my grandparents! Nana babysat me on Saturday night so mom and dad could have a 'date night.' Nana and I had a great time dancing to music on TV (Nana told my mom I was very fascinated by the dancing ladies on the tube ...they had nice legs!). On Sunday, I got to see my Grammie and Papa too. Papa always makes tooting noises with his mouth...he's a riot!

Mom is very impressed with my many accomplishments that I can roll and flip myself over, every time my mom puts me to bed, I flip over onto my tummy before going to sleep (Sure, I'm pitching a fit in the process, but it's impressive none the less). The only problem is, I can never flip myself back! No bother...I'm working on that and getting good at supporting myself up with my arms, so I should be able to do that soon. I prefer sleeping on my tummy anyway, even though I'm not supposed to. I'm a rebel!

Yesterday when my mom came home from work, Dad was holding me so I could greet her at the door. When I saw her, I was so happy and I reached out for her with both of my arms...she seemed very excited about that for some reason...not sure why, but I'll keep doing it because I got showered with kisses!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Triple Threat!

They did it again and I'm pretty annoyed! I woke up this morning at 7:00 with a vengeance...kicking and screaming, but when Mom and Dad came in to get me out of my crib, I was all smiles. "No worry, I'll get them back," I thought to myself. They took me down to their bed to feed me and I guess they thought they could lull me back to sleep again for a lazy Saturday morning if I laid down with them....clueless! I ate, played enthusiastically, and then it happened. The triple threat! The toot-cough-projectile vomit reaction ALL AT ONCE! And on mom and all over their sheets! It was unreal...I didn't know I had it in me. I mean, the standard dual reaction sneeze-toot or the cough-toot is all a regular occurrence with me. Mom calls it multitasking...I call it mad skills! But to do all three things at once, that's God given talent my friend! I really outdid myself with this one...

This picture is from this morning after I got a bath. I'm wearing my Grandpa's blue corduroy baby outfit that he wore back in the 50's! Don't I look snazzy...and the retro look is all the rage right now, so I'll be wearing this outfit for the ladies. There is a chubby one at my daycare that I have my eye on...she's a looker!

Friday, October 10, 2008


I can ROLL!

Last night, my mom let me cry it out a little in my crib...I was not happy! I use to sleep soundly and get up once in the night. Then I figured out that every time I cry or make noises, my mom comes and feeds me milk! Cool! So, I started crying every 2 to 3 hours throughout the night the past few weeks...totalling four times that my Dad has to get up to change me and my mom feeds me. Mom has been cranky and I can't figure out why. But last night, they didn't respond to my every whimper and babble! 'What's going on?', I thought. I kicked around in the crib for a while, wiggled around so much that I taught myself to flip over (hey, that's fun!), and pitched a fit and cried a little...all of it was very exhausting! I wore myself out so much that I slept soundly until morning. They better not do that again tonight...I like my midnight snacks!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

About Time! (A Note from Mom...)

Heston finally has a blog!...or his mom does for him...but after four months of dragging my feet and procrastinating, I finally sat down and started this blog before he's old enough to drive! Well...let's be honest here...what new mom has the time to dabble in baby blogs, when there is a screaming, pooping, peeing, endlessly hungry, demanding, always wants to be held, feisty but sweet red head baby to tend to? Not this mom! (For the first few months anyway). But now that we have somewhat of a sleep routine down, I actually have a few hours peace in the evenings to myself and can manage a few baby updates from time to time. I know I will enjoy it because as any proud mama would, an opportunity to talk or brag about their child is always welcome!

Heston is growing and changing rapidly and developing new impressive baby skills by the hour! I wanted to start a blog that shares his weekly accomplishments, photos as he grows, and the many wonderful experiences we will have as first time parents with our family and friends. The first four months have been unbelievably wonderful and I look forward to writing about the many wonderful things to come...