Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tick Tocks

For some strange reason, I have a new obsession with Tick Tocks, otherwise known as clocks. Every time I see a watch, a clock on the wall, or a clock tower, I yell out 'Eick Tock!' I got this name from my Mom...she hangs me upside down and says, "Tick Tock goes the clock, tick tock goes the clock," and swings me side to side upside down like a swinging clock pendulum...something her mom and grandmother use to do to her when she was a baby! I love it and always say 'Eick Tock' when she does it.

So I love my daddy's watch and I like to wear it whenever I can but it's a little big on my mom gave me one of hers with an adjustable strap...and guess what? It's orange, my favorite color!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Please and Thank You!

My mommy was feeding me breakfast this morning and I wanted more yogurt, so I said 'More'...and then 'Pease,' which means please! My mommy was VERY happy about that. I've also been trying to repeat my parents when they say 'Thank you,' so I'm on my way to becoming a true proper southern gentleman!