Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Words and Small Sentences

Today, I said two large phrases! My Gram was feeding me a pancake this morning for breakfast when I said, 'This is too much.' Mom and Gram were amazed that I could say so many words grouped together and a phrase they've never used with me before! I also said 'This is so big,' when I tried to lift a large book and hand it to my Dad. Mom and Dad are verrrrry impressed with me lately. In addition to a few new sentences, I'm also very technically savvy. My Gram has an ipod Touch and she downloaded a flashcard game where I can learn letters and animals from it. She showed me how to scroll through the flashcards and I did it completely on my own. Mom called me her little 'Technical Genius Baby' whatever that means and everyone watching was Ooooing and Ahhhing. It ain't no thing...I'm a genius in general, so it shouldn't surprise to anyone that I know how to work an ipod...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blowing Raspberries

I LOVE to 'blow raspberries' these days or as my dad calls it, 'Fart with my mouth,' which mom doesn't like to say. It's so fun and I get a lot of attention when I do it! For example, Mom took me to the pumpkin patch in Crestline on Tuesday and I was making so much noise with my tongue and spitting while I did it that everyone there was laughing at me. Mom was a little embarrassed, but she got over quickly when the guy at the store gave me a free mini pumpkin because I was so, PAYS to fart with your mouth! And it just so happens to be a Lazenby guy Papa does it, my Dad does it, and my Uncle Brent does it (really well too!), so I need to carry on the family tradition. Mom will try to capture it on video for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Mom and I were playing with this cool puzzle a while ago and she was showing me how to put the puzzle pieces onto the board when I exclaimed, "No, dis is my" and took the piece away from her...translation: "no, this is mine!" Mom's eyebrows rose up pretty high when I said that!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 month check up at 16 months

So Mom took me one month late to my 15 month checkup (typical). She dropped the ball big time, but things have been crazy around here lately, so I will cut her some slack. I've been healthy and growing strong the past few months and my doctor's appointment proved it completely...I am at the top of the charts in height and weight! I'm in the 100 percentile for height and 95% for weight. Dad's happy because at age two, you multiply my height by two to determine how tall I will be one day. I'm already right under 3 feet now, and I still have 8 months left to grow! I'm going to be one freakin huge redheaded beast! Dad is hoping I'll be a linebacker, but Mom doesn't care about my size because she just wants me to be an artist. I just want to be big enough to intimidate all the little kiddies at school so they can't steal my toys!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Hair Cut

I got my first hair cut two days ago! Mom cried when she cut my baby mullet off and she even saved a lock of hair for a keepsake. Weird woman.

Many New Words!

So my vocabulary has completely exploded in the past month or so and Mom's been too lazy to record it all!...I can pretty much repeat most words that people say (or close to it, depending on how complicated it is) and I have started forming short questions or groups of words together. Here are a few of my favorites!

Ball Ball - My name for football! I yell it loudly and I recognize football when it's on tv. Like today, when we ate at Moe's and I yelled 'Ball Ball!' Mom turned around and a football game was on TV.
"What's this?"
"What's that?"
"Who's that?"
Down There
Pee Pee ( means what you think it means)
I can name most animals & objects and I can also tell people what types of noises they make! Dog, cat, bird, bug, cow, horse, duck, snake, etc.(Impressive, right?)
I can count to three!
I can point to various body parts: head, ear, eye, mouth, nose, toes, etc when asked.
When songs I know come on, I say some of the words in the song. (Not to forget that I dance to them too)...
Nana (short for banana)
Poo Poo- I announce this when I've done my business...Mom's glad for the heads up.
Doo Doo - I also started saying this when I've done my never uses this and isn't quite sure where I learned it...
No - this is my particular favorite, and when Mom asks me a question, I always respond with 'No!' For example, "Did you like the scrambled eggs Mommy made you?" "No."
Fall - Mom taught me this and I've been saying 'Ffffffffaaaa!!!!'...which sounds suspiciously like another word that Mom apparently doesn't want me to say! She hopes my teachers won't get the wrong idea...and is regretting trying to teach me that!

There are so many more, but of course when it comes time to list them all, it's hard to remember! I'm a sponge and repeat tons of words and little phrases that Mom and Dad are starting to pick up on...They sound like jibberish at first, but if you listen close enough, you can hear what I'm saying...