Friday, May 1, 2009

Lady in Red (Critical Update!)

It has come to my attention that there is a baby in my category (week 2, gallery 1) that just might knock me out of the Babies Gone Wild competition, so when the time comes on Monday morning, you need to put in your vote (one winner out of each week & gallery to make it to the finals) and you must use every email address you own to vote multiple times and pass the website along to your friends, so they can vote for me also. After reviewing the scores (in progress) on week 1’s voting last night, it’s clear that the competition is rigged. The babies with the most votes aren’t exactly the cutest, but the ones that clearly got their family and friends to vote most frequently. And sometimes, it’s the baby with the funniest picture that appeals to the masses too. So all those back-woods babies with a hundred cousins are cleaning up…just kidding…but they really are. So if they’re going to play dirty, we’re going to play dirty!

So….back to this baby that threatens my rightful place on the cover of Alabama Baby….there is a baby girl posing with her buns exposed for the world to see in a red feather boa and I’m not gonna lie, she’s cute…in fact, she’s a stone cold fox and I might have to get her digits after this is all over, but that’s besides the point. Everyone is going to see those baby buns and melt and she just might pull in the votes on that factor alone. Unfortunately, her mug is pretty cute too, so she’s got a lot going for her. Anyway, had Mom and I thought of this, I would have posed for a few baby hiney shots myself…or we have a few in the archives that could have easily been pulled out and submitted. But Mom and I thought we’d take the high road… So we submitted a head shot where I look completely dashing. So if her parents are playing dirty, then we need to lash back. That little harlot in red…that scarlet letter…will have to wait until next year to be on the cover…cause Mom will open up 50 new email accounts to get my votes up if she has to, so I can win! (And all of you should, of course, do the same...)

***Voting for the first 8 Week 2 galleries will begin Monday at 9AM you will find links to the voting at that time here:

They said: "you may only vote once per email address and 1037theq vip membership. If you have multiple people using the same computer who would like to enter please be sure to clear your cookies between entries"

…and no, Mom hasn’t gone totally nuts…she’s just a little enthusiastic…

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Lori said...

Omgosh! So cute! I just saw this! I will be voting for you Heston :)