Friday, May 22, 2009


Mom and I went to the mall on Wednesday and while we were shopping, she noticed my hands started turning hot pink and I had several white bumps that looked like mosquito bites all over them. She took me home and changed me and found a bunch more on my body. We’ve had several mosquitoes in the house this week because of the rain, so she wasn’t sure if it could be that or hives, so she called the doctor and they just told her to keep an eye on me. That evening I was fine and the bumps eventually disappeared, but the following day, my teacher’s called my parents to tell them that I had broken out into hives after lunch and they were afraid to put me down for a nap because I could have trouble breathing (due to swelling), so Dad took off work and picked me up and took me to the doctor. The doc checked me out and my breathing sounded fine, so they just prescribed allergy medicine and the rash went away later that night. They aren’t sure what caused them, but it’s the third time I’ve gotten them, so I could either have allergies or it’s a residual side effect of the stomach bug that I had on Monday. Dad had me the rest of the day yesterday and he told my Mom I was CRABBY for most of it! Well, who wouldn’t be after having a stomach bug and hives all in one week!?

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