Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Can Walk!!!

BIG NEWS!!!!! It’s official…I can walk! I’ve been taking several steps here and there the past week, but never fully gained the confidence to do more than that until yesterday. We had a wonderful Memorial Day lunch at my great-grandparent’s house (Gaga and Papa) with all of the Lazenby’s and the Rogers and while we were there and I had the full rooms attention, I decided to walk across the living room towards my Dad (probably 7 or 8 steps). I was choosing my moment of Glory for when the whole family could watch and admire! Later that day, my parents took me to Grammie and Papa’s house so I could spend the night and I was walking ALL OVER THE LIVING ROOM without any help. I’m incredibly proud of myself, of course, and all my practice with the mop and my steadfast determination to walk before my first birthday finally paid off. Mom always heard that chubby babies are less likely to crawl or walk early…well, not this chubby baby! I took my first steps at 10 ½ months and learned to walk completely on my own the week of my 1st birthday!

I got to see my second cousin, Adelyn, yesterday. I really enjoyed seeing her, but most importantly, I enjoyed stealing her toys and books. She’s got some cool stuff and I thought to myself, “I just might like to chew on that baby cell phone of hers.” So I tried to, but my parents wouldn’t let me. But I did get to enjoy her mermaid book (shhh…don’t tell anyone that I read a book about mermaids) and it was pretty entertaining. I’m embarrassed to say that I started getting crabby and sort of took a swipe at Adelyn…I know I’m not supposed to hit girls, but I was in need of a nap in a big way, so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it…

I got to see my Gram and Bobpy, Aunt Lisa, Great Uncle Scott, and my Great-Nana A. this weekend, too. We had lunch on Sunday and I was walking up a storm with my Great Uncle Scott’s walker for support (the day before I learned to walk on my own)… the walker is kind of like my mop, and I kept saying ‘Mop…Mop…’ as I walked around. It was a good time and I got to eat a lot of rolls, which is one of my new favorite snacks!

So Memorial Day weekend was a good time…and I can check another thing off my list of achievements!

My Birthday is Friday and my birthday party is on Saturday...I can't wait to try birthday cake and open presents! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that a mini hummer hotwheels that I've been wanting for a while now...

Fatty Mom Update: As of 2 weeks ago, Mom is proud to announce that she has officially lost about 11 lbs of post baby weight since April 1st....Woo hoo! She's aiming for another 10 by August, but she's happy she is at least one clothes size down for now. Another 10 pounds and she'll be somewhat content...no more muffin top and excess blubber!


Addy's Mommy said...

We enjoyed watching you walk yesterday Heston. Adelyn says she'll let the slap go for now, but one day soon she'll get you back when you least expect it. Looking forward to your birthday party and cake smashing!

Lori said...

Yay Heston!!! You're such a big boy now. I'm going to have to start chasing you down when I take your pictures :).

And yay for you too mommy. I wish I could lose the baby weight. I'm even working out with a trainer... I don't know what my problem is. I'm blaming it on old age ;)