Friday, May 15, 2009

All The Toys are MINE!

So my teacher told my Mom yesterday that I get really upset and I cry whenever the other babies have toys that I want...give them to me, they're MINE!!! I'm just not into this sharing thing and I've been known to throw a tantrum every once in a while when I don't get what I want. For example: The greyhound's squeaky dog toys are far cooler than any of mine and I get really upset when my parents take them away from me. It's just a little dog slobber, so give it! And it's funny to watch the greyhound (the crazy one, 'Belba') go berserk when I squeak her toy. But anyway, as I've mentioned many times before, I've mastered the art of baby tantrums. I just can't emphasise this enough because Mom and Dad have become concerned at my readiness to pull out the 'old reliable' lip quiver, flailing arms, and an occasional kicking lately. The kicking mainly works when I'm on the changing table...I've kicked Mom in the gut many a times and she knows it was intentional because of the mean scowl on my face I made when I did it. This past week, I've really started doing this horrible looking scowl to let everyone know when I'm not happy...which is apparently a lot. (You can kind of see it in one of the class photos from yesterday). Pair that with my shrieking noises, my ability to launch things across the room, and a few other methods of anger I've mentioned above, and you have two worn out parents! He he...My attempts at maintaining the 'only child' status are working!

New favorite Hobby: 'Clucking' and smacking with my sounds like loud slurps and Mom and Dad get embarrassed as I make the strange sounds in public. People look around like, 'What the heck?' and Dad even makes a statement loud enough for everyone to overhear, 'Heston's making that weird noise again.' It's pretty funny...

P.S. As you may have noticed in the pictures below that I'm one of the youngest in the can tell not just by my size, but by my lack of hair!

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Kay said...

So are you saying that Heston may have a temper??? Gee, kicking his mommy in the stomach, screaming, scowling and throwing things are just normal activities for a little boy, aren't they? I only had girls, so I only know quiet little angels, who sat and played nicely with their dolls(slight exaggeration). He is a handful, but such an adorable one!! He gets cuter with every picture I see. Can't wait to read what he does next!