Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who says I'm Feisty?

Friday afternoon, when Mom picked me up from school, she talked with one of the teachers, a lady from another class substituting for Ms. Martha, and the lady went on and on about how feisty I am. She kept saying, "He’s sweet, don’t get me wrong, but man is he feisty!" Mom was like, “Look lady, you’re preaching to the choir,” because Mom and Dad are well aware of it! So it became a topic of conversation over the past few days…that maybe I am feistier than your average 11 ½ month old boy? If a teacher, who sees babies all day long, every day, year after year, is shocked at how feisty a little baby boy could be, what does that say? Mom suspected this since I was a newborn, but wasn’t sure if it was normal baby boy behavior, since she’s one of three girls and hasn’t been around baby boys much before me. So Dad started blaming Mom…saying the “Alvord girls are feisty and that’s where he gets it,” and Mom started blaming Dad saying, “The redheaded genes are from your side!” And I’ll I said was, “Deal with it people, you’re both to blame because you’re both feisty and you both have redhead genes, now give me some freaking cheese quesadillas.” (They did and I spent the rest of the weekend tooting up a storm…seriously…those cheese quesadillas were not your average Mexican restaurant quesadilla…something was up with those!)

So I made an extra effort to be exceptionally cuddly to my Mom and Dad this weekend, to make up for being such a handful lately (me thinks molars coming in are contributing to the crankiness). I let them snuggle and rock me (I've been letting them rock me the past month or so without trying to push away or wiggle out of their arms, which makes Mom happy). But then again, my willingness to cuddle more than normal this weekend might have been partly due to the fact that I started getting sick, which nobody was aware of until Monday morning when Grammie was watching me and I threw up twice. So mom left work and picked me up. My parents thought going to the Coldplay concert last night was going to be out of the question, much to their disappointment. They basically wrote off the concert and Mom told my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd they could go in their place. Then towards the end of the afternoon, I perked up and was smiling and laughing and hadn't gotten sick again since the morning. Aunt Lisa said they couldn't go to the concert after all, so my parents decided to try to go and if I wasn't doing well while Grammie watched me, they'd leave the concert. I knew they were looking forward to it, so I was on my best behavior and went down to sleep without a fuss. Mom and Dad had an awesome time and they both agreed it was the best concert they've ever been to...and they're really grateful that I cooperated last night so they could have a little time together and feel 'young' again for a few hours while at a rock concert. You're welcome, Mom and Dad...

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