Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Remember me one year ago? This is my pwecious baby photo I took while still in the hospital right after I was born. I weighed 9 lbs. 4 oz., had strawberry blonde/orange-ish hair, dark blue eyes, I was 22 in. long, a COMPLETE chunker with the chubbiest thighs you’ve ever seen on a baby boy, and I gave my Mom trouble the day I entered this world! I refused to be born on my due date…made my Mom’s blood pressure rise, and clung on even during the c-section and they had a hard time getting me out. Once I made my big arrival, all the nurses fawned over me because of my hair color and because I was such a big enchilada. I was also the only boy on my hall, so the nurses told my mom they were going to wedge me between two cute twin girls. I was a player from day one!. So now that I'm a whopping one year old, my 12 list of achievements for 12 months include:

1. I’m an excellent spitter
2. I’ve got a few hot dance moves that challenge those of Mario Lopez
3. I’m a bottomless pit and can take down some serious grub
4. Tooting seems to be an extraordinary skill of mine
5. I can crush and shred stuff with my mouthful of teeth like a great white shark
6. I can walk up a storm and squeal at the same time
7. I’ve got a good pitching arm and can launch stuff clear across a room
8. My vocabulary is select, but quite extensive…
9. My swimming capabilities in the bathtub are astounding…Michael Phelps style…
10. My intellect and cool demeanor make all the older ladies take notice
11. I can make adults dance around me like little puppets when I pitch a fit
12. I’ve got the ‘Blue Steel’ look down pat for my future showbiz career (see Zoolander).

A one year photo recap to follow soon...


Lori said...

aww, happy birthday Heston! See you tomorrow :)

Addy's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to you! We were on vacation when you were born, but I remember seeing you at one week old and thinking how handsome and sweet you are (and very hungry). You have grown up so much this year and we are looking forward to celebrating your life tomorrow!