Friday, May 15, 2009


So…this is interesting…Mom’s cell phone, which originally appeared to have bit the dust last week, came back to life. It’s A-L-I-V-E!!!!! Well, she was able to check her voicemail and guess who had left her a message…none other than 103.7 the Q about the Babies Gone Wild competition. So out of curiosity, she got on the website to confirm that I had, indeed, lost the competition to another redhead, Molly. Well, much to Mom’s surprise, my dashing mug was on the winner’s gallery! Mom’s heart skipped a beat and she returned the guy’s call…only to find out they called because it was a mix-up and that Molly had actually won after all (that girl’s Mom was probably IRATE on the phone saying her child won, not me), so see…even the station wanted me to win because I’m so cute! So the guy apologized profusely to my disappointed mother and you’ll never guess what they did…they offered her tickets to a concert of her choosing!!!! SO… Mom and Dad will be going to see COLDPLAY on Monday night!!!!! (Babysitter needed!) Mom loves them, so your welcome mother…and you owe me big time for this stroke of luck that would have never happened if it hadn’t been for adorable me…

…and by the way, they said that Molly had the most votes out of the entire group of contestants…and that she was most likely a young mother with a MySpace account, because that’s how most of the winners got their votes. So our suspicions were confirmed!


Lori said...

Awesome about Coldplay!!! Have fun!

Kay said...

I have no idea what or who Coldplay is.....hmmm is it a show about playing in the snow??? Oh well, whatever it is, have fun. If you love Coldplay, then you should enjoy your night out. I doubt if you owe Heston big time, since you already have devoted all your waking moments to the little shreaker. Anyway, he should have won the contest!!