Thursday, May 21, 2009

My New Toothbrush

It’s a wonder my teeth haven’t already fallen out for my lack of brushing, because in the past, teeth brushing wasn’t for me. And I love sweets, so Mom has been worried about the state of my pearly whites. Mom and Dad have tirelessly tried to brush them in the past, but they would have to hog-tie me down just to wiggle that bristley brush around my mouth without success. They even tried the ‘you hold it and do it yourself’ approach, but come on guys…I’m a baby. And the plastic end without the bristles is far more enticing to chew on. So just as they were about to throw in the towel for good, Mom decided to buy me a snazzy new battery-operated spin brush…but not your ordinary spin brush…a Go, Diego, Go! toothbrush (the boy version of Dora the Explorer). It’s so cool and the minute my parents put that up to my mouth and turned it on, I smiled. It tickles my mouth and feels funny…I love it! So they moved it around my teeth and boy did they sparkle afterwards. So if you think brushing your teeth is a chore, go and buy yourself a Go, Diego, Go! toothbrush. You will quickly find that brushing your teeth has become completely enjoyable!

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