Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Crazy Few Days For Mom

Check out my Babies Gone Wild photo entry in week 2, gallery 1! Those poor saps don't stand a chance...based on some of the entries, there's a good chance I will make it to the finals, if not win the dang thing! (That's horrible to say).

To call the past five days stressful would be a complete understatement for Mom. I’ve been in rare form the past week thanks to a reoccurring ear infection and my SECOND molar coming in. Yep, the first one popped through last week, and I’ve got another one coming in now. Dad went on a little va-cay with his Dad, my Papa, to Colorado, which was originally encouraged by Mom. But after having me for 5 hellish days and with me being unbelievably crabby, she’s sort of regretting it!

For starters, we had Baby Recognition Sunday at our church. Mom RSVP’d for the service and lunch following and it started out okay. We got to the church on time, I was dressed in my Sunday best, looking sharp as ususal, and Mom even managed to look a little put together as well. We made the group photo without much stress or headache, but by the time the service rolled around a half hour later, I was ready for my nap and was fussy as could be. We walked down the isle with all the other parents and their babies and stood in front of the congregation. Every baby sat quietly in their parent’s arms while the minister was speaking, but NOOO, not me. This was another opportunity to put on a show! I was wiggling and squealing and babbling and yelling, ‘Blah ba ba ba ma ma ma,’ for all to hear…louder than the minister on the microphone! Parents were looking at Mom with sympathetic smiles. After that, the families made their way to the back of the church, but not me. Mom marched me right over to the nursery and dropped me off. I was fine with it…I’d rather play with babies anyway. Lunch afterward was a nightmare and we won’t get into that…

Mom even made the mistake of taking me to lunch with her when she met up with a good friend who was in town a few days later. Well, between launching animal crackers across the room (one came within an inch of this guys head!) and hitting a metal tortilla bowl and have it loudly crash to the floor, Mom was physically and emotionally spent! (You think you are, Mom…try having an ear infection, teeth coming in, and a diaper rash all at the same time.) Grammie saved the day multiple times by picking me up and taking me home, giving Mom much needed relief. I even had my first sleep over with Grammie on Sunday night and it was great!

So, you single Mamas out there, you have my Mom’s sympathy. For single Mamas with feisty little redheads, you should get a friggin mother-of-the year award!!!

[[Sidenote: Mom's very proud to announce that she's finally lost 8 L-B's since April! Now a dozen more to go, and we may be ready for an old lady swimsuit with a ruffled skirt this summer...awesome.]]


Lisa said...

You got this in the bag, Heston. Those babies don't stand a chance!

Love, Aunt Lisa

Lori said...

So sorry you've been sick, Heston. Kate knows all about those recurring ear infections. She got tubes back in Nov., but has still gotten a few of them! Hope you are feeling better. And your mom is right - it's hard taking care of you kiddos by ourselves. Thank goodness you guys have some good daddies that are around quite a bit ;)