Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Fun

Whose that handsome fella?

This weekend was pretty fun! I took a couple of naps, went shopping with my mom at Baby's R Us while Dad watched football (A typical weekend!), and best of all, I got to see my grandparents! Nana babysat me on Saturday night so mom and dad could have a 'date night.' Nana and I had a great time dancing to music on TV (Nana told my mom I was very fascinated by the dancing ladies on the tube ...they had nice legs!). On Sunday, I got to see my Grammie and Papa too. Papa always makes tooting noises with his mouth...he's a riot!

Mom is very impressed with my many accomplishments lately...now that I can roll and flip myself over, every time my mom puts me to bed, I flip over onto my tummy before going to sleep (Sure, I'm pitching a fit in the process, but it's impressive none the less). The only problem is, I can never flip myself back! No bother...I'm working on that and getting good at supporting myself up with my arms, so I should be able to do that soon. I prefer sleeping on my tummy anyway, even though I'm not supposed to. I'm a rebel!

Yesterday when my mom came home from work, Dad was holding me so I could greet her at the door. When I saw her, I was so happy and I reached out for her with both of my arms...she seemed very excited about that for some reason...not sure why, but I'll keep doing it because I got showered with kisses!

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