Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I did it!

Last night, I slept through the night!...Mom and Dad were very excited about this! (I've only done this once before, and that was when I got my four month shots and wasn't feeling well, so that doesn't count according to Mom). I woke up once or twice but didn't cry...I just wiggled around for a while and then went back to sleep. At 5:00, I woke up, got some milk and then went back to sleep again until 7:00. I feel well rested and so do my parents, apparently...They were pretty chipper this morning! Mom has been reading some 'how to' baby book and has been congratulating herself for getting me on a schedule. I deserve a little credit too, milk lady!

When Mom came in to get me out of my crib this morning, I was a little excited and couldn't control myself...right when she opened my diaper to change me, I peed! Ha ha...I peed all over her and myself...we both had to take a bath. Mom was a little groggy at first, but she woke up quickly when that happened! I do that often and always get funny reactions (Mom screams, Dad jumps, etc.), so I try to keep that a morning ritual...My next goal is to get Mom or Dad when they're dressed and ready for work. That would be entertaining!

So, I love to bite things lately...stuffed animals, blankets, plastic toys, my parents hands, etc. (I'm eyeing the greyhounds next...they might be fun to chew on...every time I reach for them, they run off, so I need to time it better). Last week, two of my bottom teeth started to come in and I'm chewing on everything and drooling a lot. My Dad teethed early too when he was a baby, so I'm a chip off the old block! It's pretty impressive to get teeth at 4 months, when most get theirs at 6 months. I'm hoping I'll grow a nice 'stache' early too...all the other baby boys would be jealous...

Well, it's nap time...Bye for now!


Kay said...

Gee, Heston you are so smart. Your grandmother Laura was eight months old when she cut her first tooth. I think you are really clever to find such fun ways to entertain your parents. I didn't realize baby boys cpuld do such fun things first thing in the morning! Bravo!

Love, Nana B

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend, Heston! I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I love your jumparoo! Is that new? That looks like fun and seems like a good way to keep you entertained...I know how much you like being held all the time!

Way to go on sleeping through the night! That was nice of you to give your Mom and Dad a break. Keep it up!

Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Aunt Lisa

By the are resembling your Mommy more and more each day!