Friday, October 17, 2008

Rolling, Reaching, and Recognizing!

Ms. Ruthia, my caretaker at the children’s development center (CDC), is very impressed with my development lately. She told my mommy that I can roll over onto my tummy at lightning speed… and that it seems to have happened overnight! Please, that's old news, lady...I've been doing it for days! Mom and Dad think that all the personal time in my crib this past week is paying off because I’m forced to spend time on my own to discover my own abilities! Mom thinks my rice cereal and juice that I started eating two weeks ago are also contributing to my energy. I love my cereal…Mom and Dad can’t shovel it in fast enough…but I’m not ready to give up my milk just yet.

I’m also doing fantastic with my hand-and-eye coordination. I’ve been able to grip things with my hands for over a month now, but I’ve just recently started entertaining myself and playing with toys for extended periods of time and I love to hold my own toys to chew on. Mom’s hair and necklaces are also fun to tug on! I even grabbed one of the greyhound's ears yesterday (YES! Success!)...she squealed and ran off, and this is the calm & quiet one...I didn't know she made noises like the crazy one!

I definitely recognize my mommy and daddy’s voices and faces now. When Dad came to pick me up yesterday at the CDC, I was busy playing in the jumperoo just like the one I have at home. Dad reached down and touched my hand and I grabbed onto his finger and wouldn’t let go, but didn’t look up to see who was there. Then Dad called my name and I looked up surprised and gave him a big grin! It's the funny guy! I did the same for my mom when she came by during her lunch break today for a visit. Then one baby crawled up to my mom and wanted to be held, but I told that baby to, “Back off squirt…That's my mommy!”

I'm looking forward to a leisure weekend of biting, napping, eating and playing (and pooping). I hope everyone gets to do the same!

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