Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday at the Ranch!

If you think I'm giving my carrot to the horses, think again...it's mine!

I got to visit my Nana and Grandpa, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd, and all the cats, dogs, and horses at the Ranch this weekend...it was fun! It was my first time to see a horse and it was very interesting... and I was impressed...those horses are smellier than my poopy diapers! While we were petting the horses, one of the crazy greyhounds snuck under the fence and was hanging out in the horse pens...I guess she thinks she's one of them because she has long twiggy legs like a horse and can run fast. But my Mom and Dad were freaking out and the doggy got in trouble...those greyhounds really know how to push their buttons! It was pretty exciting to watch...

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