Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mommy's Little Fireball...

I can fly!...Now all I need is a cape...and some muscles like my daddy...and I'll be Super Baby!

I have a few new things I started doing the past couple of days. First, I love to roll up into a ball (Mom calls it a fireball!)…I scrunch my legs and arms up under me when my mom lays me down on my tummy. It makes it difficult for my mom to tuck me into bed, which is exactly why I do it! It has been chilly lately and she wants to keep me warm, so she puts a thick baby quilt on me and tucks the sides of the quilt into the edges of the bed. I know what she’s trying to do…get me tightly tucked into bed so I can’t move around as much (or do the baby burrito like I do with my light-weight blanket)! But I know exactly how to avoid that…I curl up into my ball, mom tucks the covers in, and when she leaves, I flatten out and then the covers are loose! Voila! I am then free to wiggle around the crib! Ha ha!

As I’ve said before, I’m always very upset when it’s nap time and I have a new way to show my displeasure with my Mom when she puts me to bed…I kick my legs against the side of the crib and it makes a loud banging noise! It’s crazy… It even vibrates through the floor, so when my Mom and Dad are trying to sleep in their room downstairs at night, I wake them up! It’s great…except that I’ve gotten my ‘marshmallow’ leg caught between the rungs a few times and then I really start wailing…I don’t like that one bit! I also roll to the edges of the crib and get my arm stuck occasionally, which doesn’t feel too great, but the up-side to all of this is that my mom can’t let me ‘cry it out’ anymore! She always has to check on me when I’m crying to make sure I’m not stuck. My wail is generally a few octaves higher when that happens, but she has to check on me just in case. It’s cool... and she tries to sneak in so I don’t notice her, but I can hear her coming up the stairs and I always do. When I see her, I either start crying louder or I smile and laugh…it depends on how worked up I am. And because I’ve also resumed waking up several times a night, Mom and Dad have no choice but to come get me, or I’ll be stuck all night. Mom keeps mumbling that the bumpers need to be added back (ribbons are being added so they can be secured tightly to the crib rungs). I’m sure I’ll find a way around those too. Oh…and my Mom put this sheer gauzy fabric draped over my crib for an ‘exotic’ effect for my travel-themed nursery. I mean, the temptation is just too great, Mom…seriously…what were you thinking? She’s had to pull it away from the edges of the crib last night to prevent me from tearing it down.

Despite all my recent activities, tantrums, and my resistance to naps, Mom is still calling me ‘Sweet Cheeks.’ I guess I’m still her sweet little munchkin. I am adorable, and every time we go out shopping together, everyone comments on how well behaved and ‘smiley’ I am. I do love to smile, as you see in my many photos...but well behaved...only when I choose to be!

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