Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Wild Saturday Night

Squeal!!! Rambunctious redhead on the loose!

I had a great night last night...I got to go hang out with my Nana, while Mom and Dad had another date night...they seem to be doing that a lot lately! But that's okay, because I always have fun at Nana's. I even got to stay up late past my bedtime! My auntie Lisa came over after a while and she's fun...although she likes to squeeze my chubby cheeks for some reason...I'm not sure what I think about that! But as you can see in this picture, we're having a great time!

Saturday afternoon, my mom put me down for a nap...I wasn't too crazy about the idea, so I cried and cried. Mom came up to check on me when I wouldn't calm down (sucker!) and right when she walked in the room, I scrunched up my legs underneath me when I was lying on my tummy and launched myself up and over onto my back! I could tell I shocked my mom, by the look on her face. I can finally flip myself over from front to back...Impressive, right? So once I figured out how to do that, I've been rolling from one side of the crib to the other. It's cool! The only problem is that I get wrapped up in my blankee like a burrito! Mom calls it a 'baby burrito,' which is also what she calls me after I take a bath and she wraps me up in my white baby towel.

Mom thinks I should be crawling soon because of how well I can tuck my legs up underneath me and push off when I roll over. Forget that! I'm going to bypass crawling and go straight to walking. Have you seen my sturdy legs? They're pretty stout and everyone always comments on them...even strangers! The other week, when I went to the art festival and my mom was putting sunscreen on my legs, Nana said it was like "greasing a marshmallow!" Easy lady...I'm just big boned...

I'll post more pictures from this weekend when I get a chance...

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