Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snack Time: Drinking Juice and Eating Socks

I forgot to announce my very impressive new skill! I can hold a bottle all by myself...this is a big deal for Mom because I will lay on the floor and keep myself content as I sip away on my juice for at least 20 minutes. This bottle idea is something my Gram (formerly known as Nana) discovered when she came over to babysit the week before Thanksgiving. Mom had no clue that I was capable of such a feat, so she had never tried! Now I get juice and a snack between meals...the more calories the better, so I can keep my weight up...I've unfortunately dropped to the 80th percentile for weight and can't afford to slack off on the eating...I need to keep up my reputation as a big redheaded bruiser! Maybe I'll introduce protein shakes to my diet to help pack on the lbs. Luckily, I'm in the 90% for height...

So, I like to eat my socks. This sock eating thing has become a regular thing for me over the past few months...although it seemed harmless to my parents, this time I gave Mom a real scare! She put me to bed for a nap yesterday and when I woke up, I pitched a fit so my Mom would know I was ready for her to come get me out of my crib. While waiting for her, I decided to chew on my sock to kill some time. I managed to get the WHOLE sock stuffed (completely crammed!) in my mouth by the time Mom came upstairs and into my room. Mom quickly took the wadded up wet sock out of my mouth and wouldn't give it back. Needless to say, she's been taking my socks off for naps since then. I guess they make those pj's with built-in footies for a reason! Problem is, I keep outgrowing them so quickly!

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