Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Tree Shopping

Mom, Dad, and I went Christmas tree shopping this weekend! It was very exciting, but I was a little cold! I was bundled up in my cool 'motor cross' jacket that my Aunt Lara and Grammie gave me, so that helped a little. But we tried to go the weekend before and I had a meltdown at Walmart when my parents went to get bungee cords to strap the tree down with. After the meltdown, they decided we better get the tree another time. So a week later, and halfway through the month of December, we finally have a tree...and it was finally decorated last night. And it will be taken down in two weeks, so really it's a lot of work for minimal enjoyment (that's Mom talking). Dad decorated the small synthetic tree with colored lights and his mini ornaments, trying to out-do Mom's 'fancy' tree with white lights and silver & gold decorations. Dad thinks I will like his tree better one day because of the various Disney, Warner Bros., Star Wars, Sesame Street, Misfit Toys, and many other cute mini ornaments and Mom reminds him that she bought most of those ornaments for him, so technically it's HER tree! Those two..I tell ya, they are a handful! But Mom also grumbles because Dad's tree takes five minutes and Mom's tree takes hours. Right now, I don't know the difference, except they are both shiny and have things that look fun to chew on...

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