Friday, December 12, 2008

School Christmas Program

I've finally had my big debut on stage as a performer...something I've been waiting my whole life for! Since Mom says Dad is very dramatic, I've got the genes for this sort of thing! With my smoldering good looks, my luscious red locks, and my obvious talent, you've got yourself the next Brad Pitt with red hair! So my school Christmas program was this evening and Mom and Dad didn't even know about it until last night and they almost missed the big production! AND...I would have been the only baby without a red and green outfit on if they hadn't accidentally found out about it late yesterday. Mom had to scramble to find me a Christmas outfit last minute at the mall after I went to bed. She got me a slick white and red velvet pants suit with red plaid argyle patterns on the shirt. Now that's class! Mom even bought another outfit...a green plaid collared shirt and white sweater vest with argyle as a back-up in case I had a blowout in my other one while I was at school. Please, Mom, I haven't had a complete poop explosion since I've been on whole foods...

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