Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My First Christmas Present

My Gaga and Papa (my great grandparents) came over on Sunday to visit and they came bearing gifts and some of them were for me! These were my first Christmas presents and I think I could get use to this gift receiving thing...The first was a lime green, baby blue, and taupe striped sweater with a hoodie hand-knit by Gaga. It's really cool and of course I look great it in...it's hard not to, when you look this good! I wore it for my little visit with Santa. The second was a stuffed animal...a monkey that makes a funny noise, B-O-O-O-I-I-I-N-G!!!, when it's dropped on the floor. I love it and so do the crazy greyhounds. Dad busted one of them trying to steal it and she got in trouble. Those hounds...they're something else. But the monkey is fine...Dad saved it just in time because they can shred poor helpless stuffed animals in the matter of seconds. Mom found one of her childhood stuffed piggies with it's insides spilling out...Dad laughed and Mom cried. Luckily, they didn't do that to my new toy...They would have been TOAST! Mom gave them a stuffed lambie for an early Christmas gift so they wouldn't feel left out, since I keep getting all of these new tempting toys that they want for themselves. I'll probably steal it from them because it looks fun to chew on and I just might tear it to shreds too! My chompers are coming in at rapid speed and boy are they sharp!

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