Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Bits and Pieces

I had my 6 month checkup today and it wasn't very was quite awful, actually. Everything was going fine at first...The nurse came in and made me drop trou, which was all great fun because I love to get naked. (She said we will have to have a talk about that one day when I'm 17). But anyway, I was squealing and bouncing around because I was in the buff (except for my diaper) and then the doc came in. She then proceeded to check my ears, lungs, measure my big head, ask mom a bunch of questions, etc. No problem...I can handle it. She started to push and prod my tummy, to make sure all my insides were healthy and normal, and then she opened my diaper to have 'a peak'. Oh no she didn't! She did the routine check...easy on the jewels, woman!...and then she told me that I wasn't going to like this. HUH??? What she did next, I can't begin to describe, but it hurt BAD and I cried! Then the nurse came back in and I had to get four shots on my squishy marshmallow legs and I cried even harder! Due to the traumatic experience, Mom's pampering me all day. Thank goodness I don't have to go back for another checkup for three months and when I do, I'm not letting that doctor near my junk!

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Addy's Mommy said...

Aww poor baby! If it makes you feel better to know you're not alone, Addy will be going in today to the doctor and hopefully it won't be as traumatic for her :)