Thursday, December 11, 2008

Separation Anxiety

It's official...I've started getting separation anxiety. I don't like it when my parents leave me...Especially at my daycare two days a week! Last week, when Dad dropped me off, I got upset, but Dad wasn't sure if it was just a coincidence that I cried when he left. But this morning, the minute my caretaker came in the room and picked me up, I REALLY cried! Then Dad took me back and I instantly turned off the waterworks and gave my teacher the pouty lip (I can turn it off and on when it suits my needs). No offense, lady, I like you and all but I like my Daddy better!

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Anonymous said...

Heston, Heston, what are we going to do with you?!! You better not get any ideas about doing that stuff on my Mondays!! Grammie would be very sad..... No worry, just one more day and then the weekend!! Hope you have a good nigh`s sleep tonight.. Love you, Grammie