Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa Let Me Down!

I went to see the fat man in red yesterday at the mall with my Mom...I was so excited because I wanted to tell him what I wanted for Christmas and maybe tug his white beard a few times (I love to pull hair!). I mostly wanted to meet the big man, (A.K.A. Santa Claus, Papa Noel, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Chris Kringle, Grandfather Frost, etc.) that I've heard so much about! And, of course, Mom wanted to get a picture of me on his lap for the photo album. BUT Jolly Old St. Nick was MIA...His helper elf said that he was on a break...Mom thinks a smoke break...but he wasn't going to be back until 3:00 and I had my Christmas Party at my school at 3:00, so we couldn't wait around. We will try again tomorrow with the crowds, but if I don't get to see him, I won't be happy! He can forget Christmas cookies and milk waiting for him on Christmas eve...I'll only leave a few carrots for the reindeer instead ('cause I can't make them pay for his mistakes) you think they'd like my pureed baby food carrots? I'd like to find a way to get rid of those nasty things anyway...I might leave a few jars out for them to see if we have any takers...

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