Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Easter Bunny

While Mom and I have been home the past two days, we've had a great time shopping for Easter Goodies for me! We went to a few places searching for my Easter Basket yesterday and we finally settled on one. It's a white basket with blue and white eyelet lining and very appropriate for 'Baby's First Easter'. However, Mom bought another one to customize and spray paint orange for next year, since orange has kind of become my color, thanks to the hair. Then Mom bought some cutsie Easter decorations, since she didn't have any, and even made use of some of the stuffed animals in my room, as you can see in the photo. This is a pretty big deal for Mom, breaking away from her comfort zone and buying 'cutsie' stuff for the house. Basically, if it's not black, she typically won't buy it, so decorating with pastel yellows, blues, greens, and pinks is a big step for her (this is the lady who put tons of black in a baby nursery...) So anyways, baskets with bunnies and chickies, lambs and ducks...and for some random reason, a fuzzy pig...How is that Easter appropriate? I guess because it's pink... are all dispersed throughout the living room, which is a nice and homey addition.

Today, we went to the mall to pick out a shirt for me to wear for Easter...I'm having custom seersucker pants made just for the occasion (Thanks Grammie!) so Mom wanted to find something to coordinate with it. While we were there, we realized that Mr. Bunny-man himself was there and kids were lining up to sit on his lap for a photo opp. Mom, of course, had to get a picture. So we waited in line, saw tons of kids crying and petrified by what must have been this big white over-stuffed rodent with enormously large ears. I having flashbacks to Christmas, or what??? But we waited our turn and while other responsible Moms had their children immaculately dressed in their Easter best, I'm in a grubby t-shirt and khaki's looking like a total loser. It finally dawned on Mom that my outfit was completely inappropriate for Easter keepsake photos, so what did she do? Stripped me down in public and changed me into one of my new 'back-up' Easter sweater vests and undershirt that she just bought. That was a liberating be in the buff with people watching. You should try it sometime. My khaki's happened to be casual cargo pants unfortunately, but would be somewhat tolerable ...otherwise, Mom would have walked over to the departments store and bought me a pair just so I would look cute. My socks were another story, so she took them off and I'm barefoot in the picture...she thought chubby baby feet would be far cuter than nasty old ill-fitting socks! So once I was all snazzed up ready to go, we walked up to the backdrop to find the Easter Bunny...who turned out to be the fuzziest, friendliest, ginormously adorable looking bunny I've ever seen. There was no freakiness factor, like the Big Cheese in red velvet at Christmas (sorry disrespect). This bunny had a pink button nose, fuzzy white cheeks, cute chipmunk teeth, and floppy white ears. No intimidation there! Mom plopped me down and I hammed it up for the camera...the only baby, mind you, that didn't cry. Even the ladies taking the photos were laughing and all the Moms and Dads standing around were all, 'Awwww.' Mom will post the pictures tomorrow when she has access to a scanner...I'm not gonna lie, they're cute as heck...

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