Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My First Easter

Easter was crazy fun and I got tons of loot from the Easter bunny...he brought me lots of stuffed animals, eggs filled with animal crackers, and best of all, this weird plastic grass that's fun to play with and chew on that was in one of my baskets...that's right, I got multiple baskets...the bunny treated me well this year. No plastic eggs filled with money, unfortunately, but Mom says I might get some next year when I can participate in the egg hunt.

Mom, Dad, and I went to church in the morning...and I'm sure it would have been nice, but we wouldn't know. I went to the nursery and Mom and Dad sat in the lobby for the service because they got there late and the place was packed! But they left with a good message, so that's all that really matters. Afterwards, we spent half an hour driving around town trying to find a place open for my parents to get caffeine. Dad got his Mountain Dew and then Mom made him stop at Starbucks to get her coffee. FINALLY, we made our way to the botanical gardens to get photos of me with my basket of Easter goodies and my bubbles...I got a bottle of bubbles from my teachers, so Dad tried those out and I really enjoyed them. God blessed us with sunshine and beautiful warm weather and we enjoyed our hour in the gardens. Even Dad didn't mind Mom taking a million photos because the gardens were so nice!

We made our way to my grandparents house, where I got to see my Grammie, Papa, Gaga, Papa, Aunt Anne, Uncle Zack, and my Aunt Lara. We had a wonderful lunch, I took a much needed nap, and then I played the rest of the afternoon. As usual, I was the center of attention. Everyone took me outside to put me in the swing, and boy did I enjoy that! (As you can see in the pictures!) All-in-all, it was a great Easter...it would have made it complete if we could have seen my Mom's family, but we got to see all of them the weekend before Easter for a nice family dinner, fortunately. I look forward to next Easter when I can run around looking for easter eggs! See below for my Easter Slideshow...

By the way...HUGE NEWS!!!! I took my first two steps today! I wasn't holding on to any furniture or anybody's hands. All day today, I was walking along the edge of the couch, holding on with one hand...I guess I got enough practice, because I just walked without even thinking about it! Man, I hardly even tried standing on my own, although I have hovered in the air without support several times. I also learned to crawl up stairs on Easter as my Mom was taking pictures of me sitting on the steps at our house. I've said a few new words too: Bottle (sounds like bobble), Bella (sounds like Belba), Lara, boo (my Aunt Lara taught me this!), Boots (my stuffed Monkey from 'Dora the Explorer'), and a few others Mom can't think of at the moment... Mom and Dad are always amazed at every little thing I say and do and I always get squeals of delight from both of them with each new development.
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P.S. The endless photos of my backside is due to the fact that I'm wearing my custom seersucker pants with my initials monogrammed on them, made by Grammie, and Mom wanted to capture cute photos for Grammie's business marketing! Well, that and I have a really cute bum...

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Kay said...

The pictures are adorable, and I DO love the monogrammed pants! Tres chic! It looks like Heston had a wonderful Easter day. I've never seen so many smiles in one day. what a lucky little boy he is to have so many people adore him.

Hugs to you all. Love you!