Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making the Adjustment

This morning before Mom went to work, she came up to my nursery to find me completely saturated…After a full bottle of formula that my Dad fed me last night, I really had to go! (FYI, Dad can participate in feedings more frequently now…A relief for Mom!) For some reason, when I was nursing, I never really had that problem. Maybe because nursing required more of an effort than drinking from a bottle, so I didn’t attempt to drink as much…especially when I’m sleepy right before bed. But when the milks-a-flowing from the bottle, I’ll take what I can! Dad told Mom I drank a lot last night, but she didn’t realize how much until she found my wet sheets! So Mom cleaned me up and guilty fed me another bottle of formula for breakfast…except that I took it just fine without any objections and I could contently gaze up at her while I guzzled my bottle down, so that made her feel better. So I suppose giving up nursing won’t disrupt my life too much…and both Mom and I can cope easier knowing that we still get our snuggle time, just like before, but while I drink from a bottle instead. And the cool thing is, I can chomp on the rubber nipple to my hearts content without getting disciplined!

On another note, A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Grammie!!!!


Nancy said...

Love this! Heston is getting so big!!!

Jenny said...

This picture is so precious! I'm sure it was really hard to go to work after sweet Heston placed his adorable hand on the window in an earnest attempt to keep you close. I have a feeling I'm going to have to hold back some tears very soon!

Addy's Mommy said...

Rebecca, it's a wonderful thing you nursed Heston so long. Way to go! Now you can let daddy take over sometimes and get a break in. I have to say that was my only consolation when I stopped nursing. That photo of Heston is so sweet!