Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is This Some Kind of Sick Joke???

I'm really confused...Is this some kind of sick April Fool's joke??? I’m not very happy with my mom today because she did something very upsetting…Mom has officially denied me the boob! And boy do I love my milk. What's with that??? What are you playing at, Mom? After ten blissful months, she’s decided to put an end to a beautiful thing. She said that after 9 months of pregnancy with me and 10 months of nursing, she wants her body back! Selfish woman. I guess my occassional misbehavior during nursing time finally did me in...I suppose I wasn't exactly cooperative at times. So, 'comfort boob' no longer…a sad day indeed.

Recently, I've developed something new to do when my parents give me food...I clap enthusiastically…especially if it’s something I really like! It’s pretty adorable, if I don’t mind saying so myself. (I never do). Today, Mom was feeding me cottage cheese and mandarin oranges, a delightful and nutritious snack, and every time Mom gave me a spoonful, I smiled with my mouthful of food and clapped my hands. That way, I can give them a clear indication if I like my meal or not…scream and bat at the spoon if I don’t, clap my hands and smile if I do!

Another thing I’ve learned to do is pinch, and I pinch my parents every opportunity I get. I pinch at my Dad’s neck and also at the back of my Mom’s arms where it’s flabby, her neck, and a few other places I won’t disclose. They don’t seem too crazy about it for some reason, but I think it’s fun and I like the feeling of squishing their skin between my fingers...

So my Mom got a large package delivered by FedEx and she emptied the box out and it has become a new source of entertainment for me…I spent most of the afternoon yesterday trying to crawl in it and move it around. I loved it so much, Mom decided to keep it in the living room again today so I could play with it. It might become a permanent fixture to the room, since it keeps me preoccupied for so long.

Mom and I went to the Botanical Gardens again today and the weather was beautiful… after all this nasty rain, it’s nice to get outdoors! Oh was really cool because my friend the goose went ballistic this time and made loud squaking noises and flew to the other side of the lake when we were watching him...I was really intrigued! He must have been mad that Mom wouldn't let him snack on me. But anyway, I sure enjoy our time in the gardens so much and would do it every day if I could!

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Addy's Mommy said...

It's always funny when a baby would rather play with a free box than all the expensive and varied educational toys!!!