Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today, the beautiful spring weather couldn't have been more perfect to celebrate Earth Day. Mom thought we could plant a seedling of a tree in our yard, but decided that since I can't walk and would most likely not have any appreciation or understanding of planting a seedling, she opted to take me to the zoo instead so we could spend time outdoors in the sunshine and appreciate so many of the Earth's amazing creatures. We're members of the zoo and we've been a few times before, but I never cease to be fascinated by the interesting animal’s movements, noises, and the multitude of strange smells! Our first stop was to see the kangaroo's...Mom told me that kangaroo's go "Hop, Hop, Hop." She kept repeating the noises and I thought it was so funny, I copied her and said 'Hop!' I also learned that kangaroos are marsupials and that they carry their babies in their stomach pouches. Cool! I wish Mom had a stomach pouch...that would be fun to ride in! (She has a paunch, not a pouch, so it's not the same thing). Our next stop was the swamp area, where I got to see some scary alligators. Mom says they go "Chomp, Chomp, chomp," and did the arm motions to imitate a chomping alligator mouth and I thought that was hilarious! You can see me squealing with excitement in the photo. They didn't do anything particularly interesting and they were for the most part motionless, but they did blink their eyes a few times and that was really scary. We saw various interesting creatures, such as water fowl, monkeys, a gorilla, camels, and most importantly, rhinos from the 'rhino encounter' special exhibit. Those rhinos were exceptionally stinky and Mom made the snide remark that it resembled the smell of my poopy diapers x10. Har Har, mom...Very funny. After the rhino's, I was getting pretty crabby because I missed my after-lunch nap, so we skipped the African Sahara animals and made our way home. All-in-all, it was a great Earth day. Next year, we'll plant that seedling and I will be almost 2 and old enough to participate! Thank you God for the amazingly beautiful world you've created!

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