Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend with Grandparents

I was able to see both sets of grandparents this weekend, which made for fun times and me getting lots of attention. On Saturday, after my parents took me to the garden center (again), we met up with my Grammie and Papa at their house for a few hours. Grammie bought a baby swing that she hooked up to the playground outside, so I got to swing for a while and go down the slide a few times with my Dad. It was fun! For dinner, we went to my parent’s favorite BBQ place, Jim ‘N Nicks, where I got to eat two whole cheese biscuits all to myself! It was possibly the most fantastic tasting thing I’ve ever had in my life. Then Mom fed me some mashed potatoes with gravy (Mmmm!), mac-n-cheese (Mmmm!), mandarin oranges (Mmmm!), and a little bit of jarred stuff too. Talk about a carb overload…It’s no wonder I had plenty of energy the following day! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to have any of Mom’s brisket because it’s too chewy and my molars aren’t in yet. But the stuff I did eat was fantastic and by the time we left, I was about to pop. Man, was it good eats! And my hair was standing up on end because of all the food I had successfully mashed into it. On Sunday, I went to my Gram and Bobpy’s house for dinner and got to see them, my Uncle Todd (that guy’s crazy!) and my Aunt Lisa, my great Nana A., and my second-Uncle Judd. It was a good time and as usual, I was the center of attention. My parents also walked me over to the neighborhood playground before dinner and I got to go down the slide again with my Dad. So the weekend, although low-key, was a good one!

Baby Development: I clapped after I went down the slide with my Dad, because I enjoyed it so much. Mom and Dad don't know where I learned that from, but Dad suspects I might have copied him since he claps whenever I do something impressive!

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