Monday, March 9, 2009

Enjoying the Spring Sunshine: Trips to the Zoo & 'The Ranch!'

One week after having Snow, we are enjoying sunny Spring weather in the 70’s! This weekend was gorgeous and I got to spend plenty of it outdoors, which was a welcome change from the day-in-day-out routine of being holed-up inside!

On Saturday, Mom made me keep my normal morning schedule of playtime, bathing, breakfast (3-cheese grits and a banana! Sweet!), and a nap. After I woke up, we went over to the rug place and Mom and Dad picked out another two rugs for the house, so I’d have more cushy surface area to crawl on…Yay! (Mom says: Rugs are a friggin steal right now!) So we came home, I ate my lunch, and then I took my early afternoon nap. When I got up, we went back to the rug place…AGAIN…to return one of them because it didn’t work out…and switched it for another one. By this time, I was getting antsy! Finally, Mom and Dad took me to the Zoo. We planned on going to the ranch to see Bobpy, but it was getting too late in the day to drive out to Saginaw, so we decided to save that until Sunday.

The zoo was awesome…lots of smelly & funny looking animals to gawk at, but I was actually more interested in people watching…especially the kids! When we arrived, it was PACKED and we waited in line. Mom and Dad bought season passes, so there will be many more fun trips to the zoo, since we live 2 minutes away from it. While we were in line, mom realized that it was really sunny and she didn’t bring my sunscreen…I had my ranger hat, but nothing to protect my fair red-headed skin on my arms and legs…hello, Mom!!! Mom shamelessly asked a woman in front of her if she could borrow sunscreen. The Dad standing next to the lady was a redhead like me, so they were more than willing to help a broth-a out! Thanks, dude. I owe you one.

My favorite animals at the zoo were the monkeys…they have toes like me and are crazy like me…but their bottoms are funny looking. Thankfully, mine doesn't look like that! One thing they did that I thought was cool was swing from their tails, like it was a third arm. I wish I had one of those!

Sunday, I went to church for the second time…Mom and Dad put me in the nursery…I wasn’t too crazy about that, but my Buddy from school showed up, so that was pretty cool. We hung out and had a good time checking out the pretty chicks dressed up in their frilly pink Sunday dresses. Mom dressed me up in my smooth charcoal jumper with white booties one last time before it officially gets packed away (I'm almost too big for it already!), so I'm sure I had a few admirers myself...

After church, we took the dogs to the ranch to see Bobpy and my Great Nana A. and Great uncle Scott showed up and we had a fun time. I got to feed the horses and the donkey, Jack, a few carrots and I had some myself, too (sort of...I attempted to chew it). Then I got to play in the grass and managed to sneak in a few mouthfuls of grass, leaves, dirt, and clovers. Not bad tasting! So all in all, it was a stellar weekend. I love spring and look forward to many more days outside! Mom says if the weather holds up this week, we can go to the botanical gardens…sweet!

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