Saturday, March 14, 2009

Future Baby Celebrity

Mom and I went grocery shopping today and this lady approached us and told my mom something very interesting…she said that her friend, who has a redheaded baby and lives in Los Angeles, has been approached multiple times and given business cards by random people, saying they could get her redheaded baby in movies and to give them a call. SERIOUSLY, Lady? That’s all you needed to say…I’m packing my diapers, bottles, and baby wipes and getting the heck out of town and taking a little road trip. See ya, small potatoes Alabama, Golden State, here I come! I mean, we all know I was born to be a super star and this hair has always proved fruitful in getting me plenty of attention. Mom knew since day one - even before I was born - when she saw me do a crazy high kick during the ultrasound, that I was destined for showbiz…not so much a Dancing With the Stars high kick, mind you, but a Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan karate kick! Hi-ya! So now I’m thinking that I’d better get my baby photo portfolio together and submit a few head shots to various agencies…and maybe get a manager…and a personal stylist…and a body guard or two to keep off the crazed lady fans…yeah. Then maybe I’ll write an autobiography about my rise to stardom…Heston: A Redheads Rise to Celebrity Greatness. Who wouldn’t want to read that??? New York Times best seller, right there…

On another note, I’m getting really good at several new skills I’ve recently developed. Another lady at the grocery store waved at me today and I waved back. I’ve been working on that one with my Mom and with my teachers at school. I’m also able to spit my food out of my mouth intentionally and it’s not just when I blow raspberries as I eat. I can squeeze chewed and mashed up food out of my mouth with my tongue like it’s a Play-Doh Fun Factory! It’s pretty cool, because the food extracts out of my mouth in the shape that I form my lips! Mom and Dad get really upset with me when I do that.

I have a bunch of new things I like to eat. Yogurt is awesome…mix it with a little pureed fruit and you’ve got yourself the best darn meal ever. Zwieback toast is quite tasty and I can munch on that contently for a long time. My grandpa tore off some small pieces of his French bread from dinner. That was beyond delicious and they disappeared into my mouth the minute they hit my food tray. I also got to have a yummy chicken noodle casserole that my Gram cooked last night and it was awesome…and guess what was cooked in it…CHEESE! My favorite. There have been many family members concerned about my cheese consumption and it resulting in getting me 'backed up'. After eating half a block of cubed cheese as a snack yesterday (well, maybe not that much) and a cheesy noodle-y casserole for dinner last night and I still managed to load up 3 dirty diapers today, I can assure those concerned individuals we have no problems in the poopy department, thank you very much.

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