Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Got Me Lucky Charms

(You think that's crude? You should have seen it before Mom edited it!)
Okay…so maybe I’m also German…and a little French…and a little Scottish…and English…and Swedish or Swiss or Danish (We’re not really sure)…HECK, I could even be Russian for all I know (cool!), because my Papa was adopted, but I’ve got red hair and my Grammie was a McMahon and we have a little Irish on my Mom’s side too, so there was cause to celebrate my lineage! Therefore, on an important holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day, I felt it necessary to mark the occasion with a major baby development. Yesterday morning, before my Mom and I went to meet my Gram, Aunt Lisa, and Mrs. Johnson for a lovely Mexican lunch at Coquina Superior at Brookwood Mall…’cause who doesn’t like a little rancho beans and tortillas on St. Patty’s Day… I stood on my own! I was holding on to my mom’s leg and I simply let go and hovered in the air! Maybe it was my St. Patrick’s lucky charms…or the rebellious leprechaun in me that craved living on the wild side (In folklore, “Leprechauns usually take the form of men who enjoy partaking in mischief”), but I balanced for 3 whole seconds without support. I did it again last night, when Dad came home from work so he could see my impressive new skill. I also said a new word twice yesterday…”bye bye”…and I’ve been practicing my hand waves non-stop to go with it. So it was a big day…and a fun first St. Patty’s day. I’m hoping next year my parents will let me try a little green root beer to make it complete.

So I didn’t see any of me feller’ leprechauns running around at the mall yesterday, or a big pot of gold or rainbows for that matter. Maybe next year!

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