Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Doctors Visit

Well, I went back to the doctor AGAIN...and this time, Mom got bad news. I have an ear infection in both ears! I've been cranky the past few days, been waking up at night several times, which I never do anymore, and Mom noticed I had a low grade fever two separate days. Mom called the doctor to voice her concerns and then Grammie noticed that I was grabbing at my ears when she babysat me on Tuesday. Those symptoms added to the fact that I'm still battling this never-ending cough & congestion, the doctor decided I'd better get a check-up just to be on the safe side. Sure enough, she found the ear infection, so I'm on a different antibiotic this time. The good news is, I've gained 1 lb. and 10 ounces since my last I'm 21 lbs. and 10 ounces, baby! The doctor commented on what a big boy I am...why yes I am, dollface, and I'm only gonna get bigger!

Progress Update: I'm moving around a lot and getting into everything. I'm also throwing tantrums hourly these days...Like swatting at my parents hands when I'm mad, pitching a fit when I want something to eat or drink, spitting my food out if it's nasty, throwing my juice cup when I'm angry, and flailing my hands and screaming demon-sounding noises when I'm really frustrated, etc. Everywhere I go, people still say what a happy smiley baby I am, but they also always ask my Mom if I have the redheaded 'temperament' to go with my hair...Mom always says I'm a sweetie, but "YES!!!" What can I say, I'm feisty!

Favorite Snack Update: CHEESE! Not just in grits or potatoes either...give it to me plain! Mom cubes them up into tiny bites and I grab fistfuls and cram them in my mouth. Beg all you want, doggies, you're not getting my cheese cubes. That's one food I won't share! And mom can't give it to me fast enough...Turns out, I am a little like my Mom after all, because Mom says she could live off cheese alone (and maybe a little red wine too). I'm also really into these organic animal crackers my Grandpa gave me...they are crumbly and I munch on them and they keep me content for an hour (so Mom and Dad love them too!)

Hair Update: Yep, it's still orange...not to worry, but I've got some pretty cute looking wispy curls coming in on the back of my head. It's still pretty sparse up front and it sort of looks like a middle aged man sporting a know, 'business in the front, party in the back.' If only I could just grow a motorcyle cop 'stache,' I'd really look the part. But Mom thinks the curls will come in all over eventually and I'll look like a 'glowing' cherub (with an occasionally devilish personality). Cool. As long as it doesn't resemble Carrot Top! I'm also starting to twirl the hair on the back of my head, now that it's getting a little longer, just like my Dad's a habit that is apparently genetic!

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