Friday, March 27, 2009

Dress for Success

So my Dad usually dresses me for school in the morning because Mom is scrambling to get out the door to go to work (she works three 10 hour days and has to get in by 7:00!). Much to Mom’s dismay, she often picks me up from school to find me wearing an assortment of mismatched articles of clothing with clashing colors. Well, yesterday was no exception. Dad put me in grey sweatpants with yellow stripes, mustard yellow and navy socks, an olive green t-shirt that you can see me wearing in yesterday’s post and boy was Mom was mortified. I’m only one of three boys in a class full of girls and all of the girls are immaculately dressed. She was sure to tell the teachers that she was not responsible for such nonsense. But Mom wasn’t as embarrassed as me…how can the ladies take me seriously if I look like I came straight from a trailer park? As I’ve mentioned before, I already have a baby mullet right now, so I’ve got to work extra hard to make up for that. So needless to say, Mom dressed me this morning…she put me in a sharp orange, navy, and white polo with navy pants and guess what…navy socks! The orange matched my hair and I looked good…so Dad, take note…and maybe get a few pointers from my Uncle Brent… He knows what’s up…he knows how to dress for the ladies…

Speaking of ladies, I had a really funny moment at the doctor earlier this week that I forgot to mention. Mom and I were in the waiting room and two ladies were sitting with this baby in a beautiful ice blue smocked dress…or what looked like a dress. I was looking at the baby and Mom says, “See the pretty girl? Do you see the pretty girl?” Um, yeah I see her…actually mom probably repeated that three or four times and the lady just smiled. Well…then the nurse came in and called ‘Billy’ and the lady and the ‘pretty girl,’ otherwise known as Billy, got up and followed the nurse. Oops! Mom thought Billy was a frilly girl! My question to you is this…what mother would dress their boy in a romper that looks like a dress with smocking? That’s just wrong. Thankfully, my Mom knows the importance of looking cool…even if you’re only 10 months old.

Changing topics, you’ll notice me holding my little redheaded buddy, Leo, in the picture. Grammy got that for me in New York on her trip last week. Everywhere she travels, she’s going to take Leo and snap a picture of him on his adventures! Cool. But the really cool thing is my buddy has hair just like mine…red. And the hair is plastic and has a flip in the front which makes for a nice thing to chew on because it’s shaped like my sippy cup. So that’s fun.

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Lori said...

hahaha! Kate's daddy dresses her sometimes and it's always a disaster. The funniest is when he tries to do her hair :).

Lol @ Billy. Maybe it was a girl with a boy name. There was a Billie on Days of our lives once (way back in the day when I had time to watch that stuff)