Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art With The Hippies

I'm catching a ride with Nana at the Moss Rock Festival on Sunday! Weeeeee!

I had another fun weekend with my Nana, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Todd! Mom and Dad went to dinner while Nana and Aunt Lisa hung out with me at my crib on Saturday night. I got to stay up late, play, and I entertained them for a few hours. Aunt Lisa cracked me up doing peek-a-boo and the airplane with my spoon while she fed me rice cereal...she's funny and I laughed a lot! Mom's never done that before...

Sunday afternoon, we went to the Moss Rock Art Festival at the Preserve...a festival that celebrates Nature and it was crowded with Hippies! Dad said Nana blended right in. They handed out organic cotton bags at the entrance, which provided me with plenty of entertainment...I chewed on mine the entire time! Tasty! I also got a lot of attention (as usual) for my dashing good looks and my cool ride in the Baby Bjorn on Nana. A photographer even snapped a few pics of me in the Bjorn when my mom was holding me. He'll probably win an award for that picture, since it's bound to be adorable. I also got MORE comments about me being a happy baby...yada yada yada...tell me something new people! I'm incredibly cute and smiley, that's been established...

So that was my weekend...good times. Although there was one minor mishap...I felt kind of bad this morning...I was laying on my parents bed in the wee hours of the morning when I decided to get up and play and I was a little too energetic...I accidentally kicked my mom in the eyeball pretty hard...Dad thought it was funny and I laughed too, until we both noticed she was in pain. She recovered quick, though, and was back to normal in no time, so that's good!

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